Tuna {breed:chiweenie}

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Social media is the new hangout for animals! Instagram has started to become home to furry creatures with more followers than humans. Not only are there dogs and cats, but also piglets who love throwing rugby balls around or macaques playing on swings. It seems like it was only a matter of time before they made their way into social media, but that doesn’t make this development any less surprising!


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But as a matter of fact, the internet is full of surprises, and this one might be the cutest. The story began at a Farmers Market when Tuna, the underdog who was just four months old, got adopted by Courtney Dasher, who would soon become his best friend and constant companion. At that time, Dasher had no idea that he would become an Internet sensation one day; she had no idea this was even possible! But then again, anything can happen. 


Dasher decided to post snaps of her adorable rescue pup Tuna on Instagram, which quickly went viral, and the famous overbite smile caught on as a meme. In just one year, this little guy has become an internet celebrity! 


Over time, his page called Tuna Melts My Heart has gained a massive following on Instagram. More than 2 million people are already in love with this little guy, and scrolling through his page, it’s easy to see why!

However, this all came as a total surprise for Courtney Dasher, who says she never expected the account to conquer a massive following like that.


Tuna has a big heart, and Dasher knew it. When Tuna’s mom created the account in 2011, back then, her only goal was to bring joy to others through pictures of her dog. But people loved it so much that now there are thousands of followers who can’t get enough of this charming pup.


Tuna is not your average dog! His story has been doing wonders for people in need. This unusual-looking pup has been known to bring joy and make people happy. His account has turned into an endless trove of entertainment and support for those having problems or going through a hard time in life. According to Dasher, Tuna helps people when they’re feeling down–whether it be by distracting their mind or putting some laughter back into the world; his messages make every day feel better than before.


Courtney Dasher used to have a job in a design center and even had her own interior design business. But with Tuna’s rising fame, the account kept her busy, so she prioritized what was more important- bringing happiness into people’s lives! The positive outreach and love Tuna was getting made keeping up with the viral account completely worth it. Dasher took a leap of faith which paid off as we see.


Nowadays, you can buy Tuna’s merchandise on his webpage. He even has a travel guide titled “The Traveling Tuna” as well as a book about himself called “Tuna Melts My Heart: The Underdog With The Overbite.”  But the most important job Tuna has, of course, is making other people happy and raising awareness for shelters! 


After all his dedication to work, it is no surprise that Tuna loves to take naps and stay in bed all afternoon in order to recharge his energy for more amazing content!

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