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To those who love anime and Japanese pop culture, Trash Taste is a weekly podcast that might be just your thing. Japan is a fascinating and unique country. With its otaku subculture, people in Japan have distinct interests that make it an exciting place to live for those who like anime or manga movies, among other things! The podcast provides insightful discussions about life as one of these enthusiasts while also discussing different themes from episode to episode – so you’re sure, not bored with any given topic every time. The English language podcast discusses Japanese culture and life in Japan from a variety of perspectives. Trash Taste offers a humorous look at the behind-the-scenes of what it’s like to be an anime fan. Hosts Joey Bizinger (The Anime Man), Garnt Maneetapho (Gigguk), and Connor Colquhoun (CDawgVA) chat about their experiences with this growing trend while also providing insights into Japanese day-to-day life. All three of them have their individual channels where they also regularly upload content about Japan and anime. The podcast also generally includes discussions on video games, movies/TV shows, food, as well as interviews with various people living there or interested parties about their experiences doing so for work purposes.


The podcast was brought into existence with the joint efforts of the companies GeeXPlus and BookWalker. In February 2020, they assisted the three hosts in relocating so that they could start their community-based project, which has resulted in an immersive learning experience of Japanese culture abroad!


The three friends were looking to start a podcast for some time but never got around to it. So when they finally came to Japan, it was only natural that the first episode would be recorded and posted on YouTube. Since then, new episodes have been released each Friday with an ever-growing fan base all around the world!


The podcast has been a hit thus far and has featured several special guests. Guests so far include Chris Broad, Kaho Shibuya, Sydsnap, Akidearest, Ladybeard, Meilyne Tran, who is also the producer of the podcast, and several others. These amazing people have come on air and given their time for us to listen in, learn about them as human beings or just enjoy some good conversation! There have also been talks about planned future episodes with viral creators such as Pewdiepie and Cr1TiKaL.


The Trash Taste podcast is an entertaining and engaging experience that you can listen to on three channels. The first main channel, which includes all episodes from the show, already has over 1 million subscribers! In addition, if you want something shorter but still interesting for your tastes, then you can go with the Trash Taste Highlights channel, which features short clips from each episode with notable moments in them, so they don’t get lost among the longer podcasts episodes. But don’t stop there! The podcast also has a special live-streaming component called Trash Taste After Dark, where they reupload live streams from the podcast’s Twitch channel.


Another thing that makes their channel so popular is when they do vlog-style videos outside of the studio. The three hosts, Joey, Garnt, and Connor, are always on-camera for these kinds of special episodes where you can see them having fun with some creative projects in various locations across Japan!

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