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Tori Roloff is a Mom of two lovely children and a Mom influencer. Her non-standard family is not only adorable but also a great example of love overcoming every difficulty.


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Tori Roloff was a teacher before meeting her husband and building a huge online following. She graduated from Washington State University with a degree in elementary education and taught at Woodland Primary School up until 2015. Before leaving for maternity leave in 2017, Tori was a kindergarten teacher at the Beaverton School District. And in 2019, the couple welcomed their second child.

Both Zach and Tori Roloff were working on Roloff Farms, which is a family-owned pumpkin patch in Oregon. That’s where the couple met back in 2010. Together they starred in Little People, Big World – an American television series about the Roloff family where life experiences of both little and average-sized people are shared. Other than being a reality TV actress, Tori has managed to become an incredibly successful social media persona and influencer via her Instagram.

The Instagram Mom also is also a professional photographer. She mostly takes photos of adorable kids and beautiful loving families. All of her photos are extremely warm, genuine, full of love and light. Check out the family portraits on her Instagram work page toriroloffphotography.

The key to Tori’s success is her just being her – simple as that. The Mom influencer is a very nice and ordinary human being who just happens to share her life snippets with the public. She was absolutely shocked when she hit 1 million followers on Instagram. Her content is simple, honest, real and beautifully representative of her wonderful family life. Although with all the good and with all the supportive followers, there are always gonna be those that just want to find a reason to criticize and share negative comments. Even though the Instagram Mom tries to not challenge and respond to the criticism that people feel entitled to unnecessarily share, at times she finds the need to address it in a general manner. For example, when somebody saw a picture of the couple’s son little Jackson – they felt like it was appropriate to ask if he’s okay insinuating that Tori isn’t a good Mom and isn’t on top of things. Tori shared a post after the parent-shaming incident where she clearly stated that it ain’t her responsibility to teach the world about issues like dwarfism, she’s merely grateful that she has a platform where she can discuss topics that she finds important. But despite all the negativity, Tori Roloff chooses to focus on the light within and its potential positive effect on someone’s life out there.

Side note: Doesn’t the last name Roloff ring any bells? Yup. That’s exactly right. And for those of you who are absolutely clueless as to what this is all about, let’s hit you y’all with some Roloff news. Zach Roloff is the son of the famous TV personality Amy Roloff and Matt Roloff – an author, TV personality, business entrepreneur, and motivational speaker.

Zach’s and Tori’s combined income is estimated to be $300000. They keep themselves busy with work, with the kids, and over time it’ll only get busier.

Tori shares beautiful moments with her family and kids, where they have fun and live life to the fullest. Follow her for more fun and vivid emotions.

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