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Tori is a Mom of 5 kids: Liam, Stella, Hattie, Finn and Beau. She’s also a dog Mom to Musso. She is a wife to Dean McDermott, an actress and a producer. The Mom influencer also has a show on Youtube Tori Tried and True, where she shares interesting content about her kids, DIYs, challenges, and a lot more.

Imagine this. If Kloe Kardashian had a bunch of babies, was into vanilla dudes and well.. wasn’t a Kardashian – we would get Tori Spelling. I swear. Even the way she talks. Her overall facial features accentuated by her makeup also give off a Kardashian vibe but it all makes sense because our girl Tori is a loyal fan of Keeping Up with the Kardashians. She’s also a The O. C. fan but the Kardashians are really rubbing off on her.

By the way, didn’t this Instagram Mom’s last name ring any bells? She’s the daughter of Aaron Spelling, a well-known American film producer (some of his famous productions include Charlie’s Angels, Beverly Hills 90210 and Melrose Palace), and Candy Spelling, an American philanthropist, author and theatre producer. Having famous parents, Victoria (that’s her actual name before she started being known as Tori) grew up in the public eye and seemed to love it. Maybe Kloe and her have far more in common than their voice and mannerisms.

Both Tori and Dean were previously married. They were actually married when they got together. Yikes. Even though Tori admits to regretting how she handled her divorce from then-husband Charlie Shanian – actor, director, writer, who actually found out about the affair via the news, she does not regret her decision to leave Charlie because according to her, Dean (who also left his wife) is her soulmate. I mean… Sounds about right. *awkward transitional cough from throwing all that shade*

Scrolling through her Instagram page you can easily tell that she adores being a public persona and an influencer because she’s constantly in the center of attention. She turned many of her passions into various career paths. She loved acting ever since she was a kid and they would cuddle and watch movies in bed with her Dad – so she became an actress. Having a very open and outgoing personality, the Instagram Mom loves trying out new products and experiences as well as telling people about it – so she started her YouTube TV show Tori Tried and True. She loves her family, being in the public eye and sharing everything about her life – so she became a Mom influencer. And her passion for makeup was the reason he started her own beauty line Beauty with Tori. The Mom of 5 believes in the transformative power of beauty and claims that her products nurture while beautifying. Considering all of this, Tori Spelling’s net worth is $500 million as of 2021.

If you wanna follow a diverse, fun and you’ll-always-manage-to-find-something-interesting-to-watch kinda family, then Tori Spelling and her family are your go-to. They’re entertaining for sure. I mean just watch an episode of Tori Tried and True – it speaks for itself.

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