Biggy Norris, Sabre Norris, Sockie Norris


You may be living under a huge rock if you are not familiar with the Norris Nuts. Biggy Norris comes from a family of social media stars who are a pretty big deal. Therefore, he needed more work to be famous on his own. For a long time, Biggy was bullied on social media for how his looks made him look girly. As their website says, they are not your ordinary influencers. The Australian family had the opportunity to entertain the audience at the Ellen Degeneres show. So, you can tell Biggy Norris, and his siblings are more than just kids who are on social media like other influencers. 


To give everyone screen time in the family, the Norris Nuts family has separate YouTube channels to connect with their fans and share their fun content. Their different channels include content such as gaming, cooking, and new challenges. These channels help Biggy connect with the fans and have an identity of his own. Also, it is safe to say that Norris kids have taken over the world with their comedic talents. After Sabre was a guest throughout the 2016 and 2017 seasons on Ellen’s show, all the siblings, including Biggy Norris, gained a lot of popularity. Apart from this, he documented his haircut in 2018 alongside his family to shut down his haters.


On the YouTube channel, Biggy Norris uploads engaging content that receives millions of views across the globe. He is somebody who has been obsessed with cameras and feels comfortable in front of it. Moreover, he has featured in several music videos, fun skits, and leisure activities. Apart from this, he has also made motivational and sports content while also attempting viral challenges. 


Along with surfing and skateboarding, Biggy Noris is famous for his songs Trolling Troop, So Pretty, and Spare Time. His loyal fans would know from his Instagram post that he is currently working on new music too. Biggy and his siblings are here to entertain you for a long time and a good time. All this content has kept Biggy Norris relevant in mainstream socials, and his audience remains thoroughly entertained with him. He often collabs with his siblings Naz, Sockie, and Sabre for videos. No matter he is performing solo, or with his siblings, their cheeky fun comes through the videos and shows how dedicated they all are towards their social media presence. 


You will see them doing meaningful yet exciting skits that are incredibly entertaining to watch. Biggy Norris is mature beyond his age even though he is just eleven years old. Not just on YouTube, Biggy Norris has a huge presence on Instagram as well, with almost 700K followers. He posts silly content with his siblings and also shares what he does in a day with his fans. 


Overall, the family is positive and shares genuine video logs of them bonding with each other. Their videos also have cute puppy content for the animal lovers out there. So, you may find yourself glued to their videos without the realization of passing the time. Not all social media families can keep the audience hooked for years. After a failed cooking channel of Sockie, the Norris Nuts Youtube Channel worked out for good and got Biggy Norris famous.


Their everyday life with parents, pets, and siblings has made them truly influential across social media. Biggy, along with his family, has features on NOVA, KISS FM, TODAY Show, Mashable, Sunrise, and Daily Mail, to name a few. One of their recent achievements was at the X Games and the Olympics. They were known to be the ones to watch for in Surfing and Skateboard by the governing bodies and leaders of sports. 


Collectively, the family has garnered billions of views with more than twelve million subscribers on Instagram and Youtube, making them one of the most famous social media families. As the siblings are of different ages, there is something interesting for fans of all age groups on the channel. Recently, they shared a video of them visiting a haunted place. With many such YouTube videos, Norris Nuts will keep you inspired and entertained for years to come. 


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