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Another top tech YouTuber is Keaton Keller. He uploads tech and entertainment content on his technology YouTube channel TechSmartt. People come here for tips and reviews on technology, from phone reviews to the best tech for the price. He’s currently the founder and CEO of Gas Media Group (GMG) – a leading media and entertainment company for Gen Z.

Keaton Keller graduated from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. The tech enthusiast started making gaming videos back in 2007. His content was on the computer game called RuneScape, but the videos wouldn’t get any sort of attention or spark any interest, so Keller decided to switch things up a bit and started shifting to tech reviews. He founded his channel TechSmartt in 2010 and uploaded his first video titled “App Review: Camera+” and as they say, the rest was history. Around 2015, he realized that a mix of tech and entertainment is his sweet spot, so that’s what he focused on. TechSmartt has featured in the likes of CNBC, Forbes and Mashable. It is a top 10 global tech YouTube channel. Keaton Keller had the opportunity to work with well-known brands like Alibaba, Samsung, eBay, LG, Pizza Hut and Lululemon.

In 2019, Eian Beron, a former employee of GMG was let go from the company because that was the best decision to be made for both sides as the tech YouTuber explained. The ex-employer made allegations against Keller and the company as a whole claiming that they’ve been stealing from others for their own benefit and in order to manipulate the audience. The specific rumors were in regards to viewbotting and that Keaton was using GMG’s bank account to take care of his expensive personal needs. In October of 2020, one of the best tech YouTubers (this is pretty true I’m not trying to be ironic here) on the platform posted a video titled “I’m sorry” where he sets the records straight and basically says that not only has he ever stolen from anyone, he never even had the slightest idea or desire to do so in the first place. Due to this mess, Keaton Keller made the decision to delete a good chunk of his videos, especially the ones from 2017-2019 because he believes that those videos are not the best representation of him anymore. He talked about not being perfect, making mistakes, admitting things and continuously learning as well as growing as a human. The tech YouTuber also opens up about feeling creatively burnt out by the end of 2019. It was a tough period.

If you’re interested in the drama of it all and wanna get to the bottom of that controversy, follow Keaton Keller to dig up more of the dirty details. That’s not the only reason you should follow the digital mogul – the guy has been consuming and creating tech content for over 14 years, so he knows a thing or two about tech. But, common, who doesn’t like following some sort of drama? And if you just went like: “I don’t.” Oh well… tough crowd.

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