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Tara Whiteman, well known as Tara Milk Tea was born on August 19, in Sydney, Australia to a Singapurean mother and Australian father. Tara’s father worked as a ship captain and stayed away for months. Tara has an older sister , who liked drawing with their mother. This “scene” inspired Tara to sketch and after some period of time she started sewing and knitting. As a child Tara and her family travelled overseas every few years to visit her mother’s family who lived in Asia.


 Milk Tea studied in Ryde Secondary School, after her graduation in 2012, she decided to take some digital design courses at The University of New South Wales in Australia in 2013, where she learnt digital designing skills and graduated the university in 2017.


Tara’s “journey of Instagram” began when she started to share her fashion sketches to her page. Later her colorful and vibrant photos attracted the attention of over a million people.

While being a student she got various professional contracts, for instance from Canon, Tiffany & Co etc.Now,on her Instagram account Tara shares about her lifestyle,traveling and photography.


Whiteman also has a TikTok account with over 20K followers. On this platform she shares some videos from traveling, Interesting locations from different countries and sometimes about home decors.  


Milk Tea has an obsession of traveling. She developed the passion of travelling from her young age when she had the opportunity to explore Asia while traveling to visit her mother’s side of the family.At the age of 12 Tara got her first camera and since then she started to take photos of everything that surrounds her.At first both traveling and photography where just hobbies which she held while working in marketing, PR , admin, marketing roles related to her degree. After her school graduation Milk Tea started traveling with her friends and her dream came true.While pursuing her design degree she got some opportunities to work with different companies. Her work was in different industries like food, fashion, traveling or photography.


Whiteman has a bae who’s name is Damian.Fun Fact: they both are obsessed with photography and taking photos. The couple adores traveling together, during their journeys they help each other to take photos. However, you can rarely see photos of them together on Instagram. 


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