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Tanner Fox and Ryland Storms were in the initial fight of TikTokers vs. YouTubers, a show featuring top influencers on both platforms. Moreover, the title tag highlights the most notable names on both platforms, with TikTok star Bryce Hall vs. The Ace Family’s Austin McBroom as the central event. Tanner and Ryland Storms were also going to fight in an undercard that opened up later into a much bigger show. 


Furthermore, the match between Tanner and Ryland, initially scheduled for the weigh-ins, was postponed. The cause of postponement was a shocking weight difference, with Tanner coming in 20 lbs lighter than his opponent Ryland Storms. Fox was more than enthusiastic about fighting, but the boxing commission wouldn’t approve it due to the weight difference. He tried everything from wearing headgear to sign a death waiver in order for them to accept his request and go ahead with the bout. However, all their efforts were rejected by officials who wanted him off-stage


Tanner Fox’s contract stated he needed to be within his opponent’s seven lb. weight difference, but the commissioner ruled that they shouldn’t fight as the weight difference was too huge for him to make it happen. He went on and said, “I accepted their decision; I am not sure why they didn’t want this matchup.”


The commenters on social media stated that Tanner had plenty of time to gain 5 lbs. before the fight, while Ryland lost 17lbs for their matchup to make it more fair and balanced. Additionally, Ryland Storms said that they both were in Miami for a few days before the match, and he still was able to back out instead less than 24 hours prior to their fight. After that incident, Tanner received lots of backlash from the audiences on Twitter; however, he decently took everything and didn’t respond to all those tweets harshly. 


Tanner Fox is a 21-year-old American YouTuber who made videos about his day-to-day life. Some included scootering, but he was mostly known for his vlogs on YouTube, which helped him grow popular with over 10.5 million subscribers. Besides, Tanner has had practice using hoverboards, scooters, and skateboards throughout his life. In addition, he created many types of videos such as vlogs, webisodes, tours, and fails. Some popular ones include “Doing Your Dares,” challenges, and more.


Tanner Fox was a young YouTuber who began uploading videos in 2011 when he started his channel, MT films, before renaming it, Tanner Fox. He has made many viral YouTube uploads and was even recognized as one of 2016’s fastest-growing channels on YouTube. 


Fox is one of the most influential freestyle scooter riders online, but his story began when he started skateboarding at five. He posted videos on YouTube before moving on doing stunt and challenge videos for a growing audience and vlogs and pranks. It’s incredible how much Tanner has achieved despite starting out so early in life with such successful beginnings.


Tanner Fox was born in 1999 in San Diego, California. He spent his childhood with his parents and a sister Lindsay. Furthermore, social media celebrity Tanner has recently broken up with his now ex-girlfriend Taylor Alesia. The two ended on good terms and did not remain as friends; however, they have since moved on. Fox has now moved into a mansion in Los Angeles to live among other social media influencers like Maverick Leonard and Jordan Beau. Besides, this young talent also has his own apparel line named “TFox.” 


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