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Tana Mongeau is perhaps one of the YouTubers that’s constantly talked about in celebrity drama videos. There seems to be something always brewing in the back with Tana; you can never know what she’ll do next and whether we will love it or hate it. 


The incident we are diving into dates back to the summer of 2018. After feeling like, Tana herself and other fellow YouTubers were not appropriately treated at VidCon; she decides to throw her own fan convention: TanaCon. TanaCon would be an event that would host popular YouTubers like Miranda Sings, Shane Dawson, and Casey Neistat. 


All of this could be experienced for free or with VIP passes for $65. The prices were definitely super affordable compared to the standard four-day passes that cost $180 at VidCon 2019. 


Very popular at the time, however, known for seldom showing up to such conventions was Shane Dawson, and his name alone was bound to attract thousands of fans. So, Tana, in collaboration with event planner Michael Wiest organized a convention for strength of 5,000 people at a Marriott hotel in Anaheim, California. 


Finally, on the day of the event, Tana stated that apparently, 20,000 fans showed up. TanaCon was an unorganized disaster, to say the least. Crowds of fans waited for hours outdoors, with little to no information of the event’s itinerary or when they would even be let inside. The fans had no resources such as food or water while they waited outside. Several people suffered awful sunburns and made sure to voice their frustrations on Twitter


Mongeau and her event organizer Weist at first informed their fans that the event would be postponed for the next day, and eventually, the two just decided to call it quits and canceled the convention altogether. Afterward, it took months for Tana to refund the VIP passes for the event. 


The convention’s cancellation was blamed on the unexpected turnout of 20,000 people; however, the local police reported only around 4,000 to 5,000 at the scene as initially expected. All this definitely disheartened a lot of Tana’s fans, and she had a ton of reconciling to do. 


If we talk about Tana’s rise to fame, she started making videos on YouTube at the age of 17. Starting her YouTube channel back in 2015, which was all about Tana being a very relatable teenager. She became very popular for her “storytime” videos, where she shared some exciting and funny personal experiences. 


Soon, her popularity grew, and over the years gained 5.46 Million subscribers on her YouTube channel. Slowly, she ventured onto other platforms like Snapchat and Instagram and even started modeling on the side. Her Instagram has a fan following of 5.7 Million

Mongeau even took a shot at singing and released music back in 2017. The debut single called “Hefner” featured Bella Thorne in the official music video. She put out three more songs in the same year. 


Taking a peek at Tana’s personal life and who she has been dating, Tana is openly bisexual. She has dated Somer Hollingsworth, Bella Thorne, Brad Sousa, and even “fake married” plus dated Jake Paul. In addition, she has a strained relationship with her parents and feels they lacked essential parenting skills that resulted in a troubled childhood for her. 

Nonetheless, you can love her or hate her, but you definitely can’t ignore Tana Mongeau.

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