Sveta Bilyalova



Svetlana Bilyalova is a 27-year old Russian model and actress who has captured the hearts of many with her natural beauty. She not only excels on camera but in real life as well!


 Svetlana Bilyalova was born on June 20, 1989, in Moscow. Sveta has a talent for making friends and an eye for detail. She’s open-minded, curious about new things that pop up every day with her sign Gemini in tow! 

 She attended the Philological Faculty of RUDN University, graduating with a degree in public relations.


 She was discouraged by people who said she couldn’t do it because of her small stature. However, as soon as they saw how much passion this girl had, all their worries just melted away into nothingness-like a fleeting memory from long ago…She tried to become successful in modeling but due to being so short, nobody hired her for the top position on stage or anywhere close. 

As Svetlana said, she became a blogger by accident – she and her friends recorded several funny videos that they put online. Since these positive posts aroused interest from the public Bilyalova began to continue doing so further herself. At first, she focused on demonstrating her athletic achievements-pumped up abs, buttocks, etc.


As Bilyalova said in an interview, the key to making an impact on Instagram is finding your niche. Those who start blogging should understand their strengths and weaknesses before they begin working on creating content for social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram. Thanks to her stunning appearance and ability, she became one of the top Instagram bloggers in Russia. First off all thanks for having such an awesome-looking blog!


To improve her beauty, which can attract millions of followers on Instagram and YouTube star Svetlana Bilyalova worked not only in the gym. At some point photos from before when she was still a blogging phenomenon appeared online showing how plastic surgeons helped enhance this model’s look for future shoots


Speaking of her relationship status we can mention that in scandals and high-profile novels Bilyalova was not noticed. She does not post pictures with men on her Instagram. Svetlana has a son,Danya .The model does not talk about whether she is married or not, leaving room for rumors and speculations in the media. She was credited with bisexuality and a relationship with Diana Melison after joint pictures of girls appeared on the Web. In this photo, they allowed themselves tenderness towards each other; however, there’s no reliable data about their nature – perhaps just close friends?


Svetlana Bilyalova was repeatedly invited to shoot in the clips of famous performers. She starred as an actress for American rappers Future and The Weeknd, who are both well-known musicians with many popular songs that have gone viral across all social media platforms. Also, Svetlana stated, she plans on making a movie someday.

Her Instagram page is fantastic. She posts fantastic pictures of her life to the account, which has over 5,9 million followers, who love what she does! She also has 32,3K followers on Twitter,329,5 K followers, and 3,3 million likes in Tiktok.

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