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Perhaps one of the most unconventional and unique beauty gurus out there. Samantha Ravndahl is a makeup, beauty YouTuber, and social media influencer. She has been in the game since 2013. 


Within the first year of her time in the brutal world of showbiz, she had to face problems. And boy, did she face her problems head-on!


In October 2013, Samantha posted a makeup look of herself; in the photo, she has applied makeup to look like a Zombie. She called it the “Glam Zombie” look on Instagram. However, Ravndahl’s followers supposedly informed her that Lil Kim’s Instagram posted her zombie makeup look. 


The information turned out to be accurate, and Lil’ Kim indeed was using the image for her new song’s (Dead Gal Walking) promotional album art. At first, Samantha tried to reach out to Lil Kim’s representation to resolve the issue amicably; however, it did not go as planned. Lil Kim’s team laughed off the beauty guru, and the problem remained undealt with. 


Finally, with no other option left, Samantha filed a lawsuit against the rapper. The crazy part is that Lil Kim had even slapped her copyright over Samantha’s picture. Therefore, a cease and desist notice was delivered to Lil Kim in November 2013. 


Samantha’s representation made sure to ask the rapper to stop using Ravndahl’s art and pointed out a time when Lil Kim faced a similar problem herself. At one point, Lil Kim complained about Nicki Minaj using her style and calling it her own. Lil Kim felt that she needed to be paid or credited for using her “swag.” 


Following the notice, the rapper’s team removed most of the uses of the “Glam Zombie” image, but Samantha or her lawyer never heard from Lil Kim’s team about the cease and desist letter. Even though Samantha was new to the industry and was battling against a big name in the game, she fought for what was rightfully hers. 


Samantha gained popularity on YouTube for her honest and unconventional style videos. She wasn’t doing any tutorials, product hauls, or even product reviews. She is known for shedding light on what goes on behind the scenes in the beauty industry


Her YouTube channel has 992K subscribers, and her fans love her and feel they can trust her to guide them in the right direction when it comes to makeup. Samantha covers topics like producing content while depressed, acne issues, and free PR as an influence. 


Samantha has a deep understanding of being a woman in an industry that is only seeking perfection. Thus, she is challenging that every single day from within the beauty world. Ravndalh has a significant fan following on Instagram as well, with 1.9 Million followers on her official page. Her Instagram feed consists of her makeup looks, and she mostly posts photoshopped and unedited pictures side by side for comparison. 


If we talk about her personal life, Samantha is married to her long-term boyfriend Matt. The couple exchanged their vows in 2019 and had a baby in May 2021. As far as her parents and siblings go, there isn’t any information about them on the internet.

Samantha continues to spread helpful information and guide her fans in the right direction.

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