Sommer Ray

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Nowadays, the majority tends to be like someone else, who seems cooler and better, overlooking their own uniqueness and abilities. Unconscious bias such as perfecting is possible only by being more like somebody else has really gotten deep into pop culture. 


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Sommer Ray always preaches about perfecting yourself without becoming another person who supposedly is “better.” She talks about this on her social media pretty often. Sommer started her fitness career at the age of only 15. She, in her place, was inspired by her father, who was a bodybuilder. Now she has over 26 million followers on Instagram, where she, by the way, is very active. 


She is not just a show-off and a master of posting pretty pictures. Due to her father’s coaching, she had a successful position in sports and bodybuilding indeed. She won several competitions, such as the NPC Colorado State Championship.  


A young influencer is now using her social platforms to present more of her personality and character rather than just a pretty body. She got almost two million subscribers on YouTube. Sommer is against plastic surgery and photoshop as these things aren’t for her. Ray highlights her position as somebody who doesn’t inspire other women to be like her but to be better in their own way. Over the years, she developed her own brand. But Sommer didn’t limit herself. Since traditional skin care methods did not work for her, she also developed her skincare brand called IMARAIS.


Sommer is very thankful for the success she obtained thanks to social media, but she wants to be seen not just as an Instagram Model. To change that, she started sharing videos where she shows what she does and also some detailed fitness instructions, workouts. In addition to that, she works as an excellent fitness trainer at FitPlan.


Initially, Ray wanted to be like her sister, whom she looked up to as a role model. Her friend was a photographer who started going to Sommers house and making shots of her when Ray was 15. Those were pictures that a usual teenager with small sexual energy couldn’t allow herself. Sommer was always more progressive and mature in a sexual way, but she implies that doesn’t mean that her personality is also like that. Sommer has a solid connection to her family, and her parents are her biggest supporters.


Ray is also mentally strong. She survived a horrible breakup. Sommer had a boyfriend named Benett several years ago, but in March 2018, she posted a tweet about breaking up, and since then, she didn’t seem to be infused with her personal life. Though, recently a rumour has been spread that she is in some kind of a relationship with Machine Gun Kelly. 


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