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locationTromso, Norway

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Jax is a Norwegian husky who lives with his owner, Sandra. Jax’s adventures are the perfect way to spend your day! Originally from Norway, he now lives in London, where he enjoys exploring with his owners Sandra Pettersen and her boyfriend, Sam Cox. His feed becomes filled with all things worth checking out as they go on their adventure together.


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They both enjoy exploring the outdoors and getting involved in sports such as skiing or fishing for their favorite pastime of all time! In addition to this free-spirited lifestyle that they share together every day – Jax’s Instagram account offers up insights into what it feels like on dog vacation: there are plenty of fun adventures chronicled by their daily routines and more.


The couple is always happy to bring their dog with them. Sandra and Sam take Jax on annual trips to Norway and everywhere else.


This gorgeous Husky is a traveler and a social media star with over 150 thousand followers on Instagram, engaging an audience from all over. He captures the beauty of Norway and his incredible life by showing us what it’s really like to be in Jax’s shoes. This handsome Husky has been everywhere – but at home, in his native land, he seems able to touch people more deeply than ever. Jax got a beautiful country that he loves so much it shines through in his photos.


While the beautiful shots on Jax’s social media are indeed an eye-catcher, you will surely not be able to move past the fun and sometimes even emotional content.  

When Sandra and Sam decided to put on a magic show for Jax, the Siberian Husky had an adorable reaction that left his human feeling pleased and entertained. His owner disappeared in front of him, and he was left amazed. 


In the video, Sandra holds out a sheet in front of her body. After letting go of it and running away from Jax’s stare with an uneasy expression on his face- once she has disappeared from sight without any warning or evidence as to what may have happened- he begins looking for clues around him, wondering where she went.


The video got thousands of views, and many people were inspired to try that trick on their pets as well!


Another video you can find on Jax’s social media shows the pup’s reaction when his owner Sam returns from the army. Jax, the adorable Husky with an appreciation for human emotion, was overwhelmed with joy when his owner Sam returned home. After nine years in the Royal Anglian Regiment, Sam had been away for training with Nigeria’s military before returning home to be reunited with Jax. Sandra made sure they captured this moment on camera and shared it online so that everyone could enjoy their wholesome petting session too!


You can enjoy more such content if you decide to follow the adorable Siberian Husky and his human family on Instagram. They post a wide variety of content and even love dressing up, especially for Halloween!

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