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Shrimpy is an application for cryptocurrency traders who have a wish to automate their trading and investment strategy. With Shrimpy’s unique crypto indexing and rebalancing features, the users have the ability to begin managing their own crypto portfolio fund in just a matter of minutes. In addition to free automated crypto indexing and rebalancing, Shrimpy also has a very good offer, a monthly Premium subscription available, which unlocks additional features such as advanced backetesting, social leader portfolios, copy trading and advanced insights. Shrimpy began their journey back in 2018, when they became exhausted with manually managing and tracking their portfolio across exchanges. Since the first version that was launched by Shrimpy, the team has been committed to offering the most robust platform for connecting to all the favorite exchanges and wallets.


The SHrimpy’s accounts and channels show a certain level of activity on various social media platforms which happens to be YouTube, Telegram, Twitter, Reddit and Facebook. The Shrimpy has been on the YouTube platform already for 4 years, the channel was created on February 6, 2018 and the channel is Shrimpy. With the help of Shrimpy’s YouTube channel , people have the opportunity to know more details about cryptocurrencies. The Shrimpy also talks about the features of Shrimpy’s application, explains how to use and shares with his audience the latest news, and updates. Due to the dedication and hard work of the team of SHrimpy to the YouTube channel and of course the useful, unique and interesting content the YouTube channel of Shrimpy reached, and gained more than 7K subscribers, 177 uploaded videos and more than 2 million total number of views. The very first video that was uploaded on this YouTube channel is called  “ Portfolio rebalancing for crypto” . The video was uploaded to the channel back on February 6, 2018 and gained about 3K views, 39 likes,  0 dislikes and 9 very positive and exciting comments. The video is like a quick overview of how the rebalancing works and how the powerful tool can be used and is used in the Shrimpy application.  


The Shrimpy’s Twitter channel is called Shrimpy.  As for Twitter, this channel is the most mainstream social platform frequented by crypto fans. For this reason we can make an argument that one of Shrimpy’s  most influential platforms on a global scale would be found here, especially because it doubles as an important news outlet for many new investors where they keep up with what is happening in cryptocurrencies across all networks all day long. The Shrimpy first joined this social media platform back in January 2018. For now, the Twitter channel has an audience of more than 11K followers. 


The Facebook account of Shrimpy is called Shrimpy App. On this platform, Shrimpy has over 2K followers. The next platform on which Shrimpy has a presence is Telegram, Shrimpy’s channel is Shrimpy. The channel has more than 2K members. On Reddit Shrimpy also has an account and it is Shrimpy. On Reddit the members of Shrimpy exceed 1K. 


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