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People who grow up with a family pet have an easier time connecting to children and other people. The connection is often more natural because it’s been ingrained from their childhoods together, which can be seen as the foundation for this type of interpersonal skill set in adults today.


One of the most exciting adventures for a child can be to find their own pet at home. For some, this means that they may be able to keep it as a long-term company. Others are more likely to get an animal just so they can play with them and teach their children responsibility early on in life – but whatever your reason might be, there’s no denying how rewarding these types of friendships can feel! One such example is this adorable quartet.


Theo, a child from America, has an impressive three dog pack, and they are all best friends. Is this the cutest friendship ever? Sometimes it is hard to find a better friend than an animal, so Theo feels right at home with them as if he’s been there for years! It really makes you smile when looking through their social media pages because of how happy these animals seem together.


Theo is such a playful little guy! Theo is a young and adventurous boy who has made some of the best friends in his short life. He was born to American parents, and he’s found like-minded souls with his furry friends. The Goldendoodle mix of Golden Retriever and Poodles called Samson, Charley, and Shea were the first to take him into their pack.


Theo’s mother, Jessica, documents this extraordinary friendship on Instagram. There she has now accumulated a considerable number of fans who are eagerly awaiting the latest update about these four-legged friends and Theo that seem to be getting along just fine!  Almost 1 million people follow her account, which features pictures from home life with her family – it really seems like they’re having fun together despite all odds.


Your heart does a happy dance the moment you meet these Goldendoodles or see the funny facial expressions Theo often likes to make. You can’t help but fall head over heels in love with them. They’re just so adorable! Plus, these dogs have those big eyes and cuddly teddy bear-like looks about them that will take any dog lover’s breath away.


Goldendoodles are generally considered to be extremely intelligent, attentive, and open to their humans. They like fetching! The goldens were bred for hunting in the past but also love water. So these days, they’re not too shy about getting wet with you on walks along beaches or near pools.

They’ll stay close at first, then get more and more tolerant as they go along their walk — eventually ending up right next jumping into whatever body of water they come across.


The calm interaction with people and especially children comes through upbringing. You can see it in their slow-growing together that these four are always patient for one another’s needs!

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