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Every job requires dedication and some sacrifice. When facing those difficulties, you might start discrediting yourself and questioning how qualified you are for your job. But when it comes to modeling where your work is directly connected to your body and the way you look, it can quickly become a source of uncertainty, stress, and self-doubt. The constant pressure, which is a result of a rigorous lifestyle, ends up breaking the spirit of many young models. However, the supermodel Romee Strijd was able to take things into her own hands and overcome the difficulties of the modeling world.


Nowadays, Romee Strijd lives the life about which many people dream. The Dutch-born beauty has managed to be on numerous catwalks of the world. Romee Strijd wanted to be a model from a very early age. But at the beginning, her shyness was in her way. Being afraid of the spotlight, she even rejected some of her very first offers. But when she was 15 years old, she realized that she had to take everything into her own hands. She gathered all her courage and went to the Big Apple of New York. There she started turning her big dream into reality. 


After arriving in the US, her career took off very quickly. Romee Strijd signed a contract with the modeling agency called DNA Model Management. Soon Romee was a demanded model in the industry and got jobs for many world-famous brands and designers such as Alexander McQueen,  Isabel Marant, Louis Vuitton, Nina Ricci, Yves Saint Laurent, and many more. 


Sounds like a very astonishing career, right? But that is not where her success stops. In 2014 Romee started modeling for the famous brand Victoria’s Secret. After just a year, she officially became one of the angles of Victoria’s Secret. It is well known that oftentimes that is considered a peak career point in the modeling industry. After all this, it is not a surprise that in the year 2015, Romee Strijd received the award for Model of the Year. There is no doubt that Romee has dominated the modeling industry.


However, success doesn’t come on its own. Romee’s achievements are a result of her hard and dedicated work. The supermodel had to do three workouts each day. With various types of exercises, Romee Strijd is able to keep her body fit. Eating sweets and fast food is nearly unimaginable for her. That was the sacrifice with which she managed to turn her childhood dream into reality. 


Nevertheless, modeling was not Romee’s only dream. She always wanted to have her own family. But her strict lifestyle and the constant stress that came with her job had caused health issues which made getting pregnant very difficult. After a while, Romee Strijd realized that she had to change her life. With her boyfriend Laurens Van Leeuwen, she bought a house in Amsterdam to have more time for herself. Romee changed her diet and stopped traveling as much as she used to. And luckily, her efforts did not end up in vain. In 2020 Romee Strijd and her husband, Laurens Van Leeuwen, announced that they are expecting a baby. On her Instagram, where she has over 6.9 followers, Romee shared many moments of her pregnancy and family life. 

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