The Rigormortis is the name of a quite famous YouTube channel. The main topic that covers The Rigormortis is stock markets, trading. For those people who trade stocks on a regular basis, it is important to make sure they understand the difference between traders and investors. A trader will do whatever it takes for them personally in order to achieve their desired outcome as quickly as possible while an investor’s goal is long term stability with less emphasis on what happens now or next year. Stock trading has been shown not only ineffective but harmful when done without sound investment strategy because there were too many instances where people lost everything due solely from investing heavily into companies that went bankrupt. The Rigrormortis helps people who are interested in this sphere to gain more knowledge, experience and it provides more detailed information. The channel of Rigormortis has a strong interest in penny stocks and special purpose acquisition companies. The Rigormortis is especially fascinated by the concept of SPACs, which are mostly used to revitalize underperforming industries with an eye for value investing opportunities instead of implementing short term gains at all costs like many publicly traded corporations do nowadays. This YouTube channel is quite trustworthy, however all the subscribers and people should be warned because there is no information about the person behind this YouTube channel. According to the YouTube channel, the Rigormortis is an American YouTube channel.

The Rigormortis shows a certain level of activity on two main social media platforms which happens to be YouTube and LinkedIn. This comes into conflict since most other sites provide opportunities not just through headsets but also chat rooms while playing multiplayer titles. The Rigormortis’s YouTube channel is called Rigormortis. On this platform, the channel has a presence for about 2 years. The channel was created back in November 8, 2020. However it started posting showing activity approximately 21 days after the creation. Due to the dedication, hard work, goal orientation to the YouTube channel, and of course the useful, and interesting content the Rigormorits’s channel reached, and gained more than 27K subscribers, 289 uploaded videos and more than 2.5 million of total number of views. The very first video that was posted on the YouTube channel of The Rigormortis, was related to and we can say dedicated to gamers. The video is called “ Tuscan Holdings $THCB and Microvast! Buy now? – Old School Runescape ( OSRS) But we talk about stocks”.  The video was uploaded back on November 29, 2020 and it gained only about 500 views, 23 likes, no dislikes and 21 thankful, interesting and exciting comments. The video was about the SPAC Tuscan Holding, which is merging with Microvast, an EV battery company. Rigormortis mentioned that despite the fact that he does not give a lot of information in that video, but the channel is the right place to start if people are interested in investing. Rigormortis always recommends people to do their own research before putting money into a stock.  There is also an email address, which is included in the YouTube channel of Rigormortis, in case people or companies will have business inquiries. The email address of The Rigormortis is  [email protected]. The Twitter Rigormortis joined back in July 2021. The channel is Rigormortis and has more than 2K followers. 

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