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Rebecca Zamolo is a part of a duo with her husband, Matt, and they run multiple YouTube channels together. The couple makes videos that attract a younger demographic with DIY projects and adventure vlogs. 


Sometime back in 2018, Rebecca was making a series of videos that were vlogged, documenting the couple was being stalked by a person in a mask calling him the “game master.” The problem was that the series was quite obviously fake; however, the children watching the videos were utterly enthralled by it all. 


What was concerning was that it wasn’t just if few children; their videos had millions of views. As if this wasn’t problematic enough, if anyone was attempting to call out the content for being fake, they were being copyright-struck. A Reddit user even made a video addressing the subject, and the video was taken down. 


The shocking part is that the series seemed to go on for a whole year, and no one was able to get the videos reported as problematic. However, with time Rebecca realized that she couldn’t keep this up and dealt with the situation. 


To be fair, Zamolo was very smart about addressing the whole scenario and ensuring that her followers had a seamless experience. So, finally, in 2019, she released a video titled “The Game Master is Fake, It was all just a game.” Therefore, she conveniently lets her fans know that the Game Master Reality was all made up. It was a “real-life escape room,” all masterminded by a company called Game Master Incorporated, who she obviously hired herself. 


Rebecca even made sure to create some hype in advance by announcing that such a video will soon be releasing on her channel. Everything worked out seamlessly as the video came out, the parents’ concerns were addressed, and she continued making content like there was no problem to begin with. 


Circling back to how it all began for Rebecca and Matt, they started their YouTube channel back in 2015. Their content is mostly vlogging about their day-to-day lives and activities and challenges with other creators. They even launched an app called “The Game Master Network” with fun adventure games for their fans. 


The YouTube page flaunts a subscriber strength of 5.7 Million. At the same time, Rebecca’s Instagram has a fan following of 2.8 Million. However, Zamolo’s massive fan numbers come from Tik Tok, where she has 16 Million followers


Previously, she has been a professional cheerleader for the San Jose Sabercats. This job led to Rebecca getting cast in television and commercials. Later she even studied improv from The Second City. Hence, she had a recurring role on “The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson” back in 2010. 


However, if we talk about Rebecca’s personal life, she is married to Matt Zamolo and lives in Los Angeles. Just last year, 2020, Rebecca bought a 4.6 Million dollar house in Encino, California. It is a massive five-bedroom house with a basketball court and a pool. 


Rebecca is doing tremendously well in her career and has no plans of stopping anytime soon. 


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