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With two decades of experience helping readers choose the right portable devices, Pocketnow is one of the oldest publications devoted exclusively to mobile tech. Their videos range from daily shows to reviews, features, comparisons, device launches, and trade shows. The channel is considered to be one of the top tech YouTube channels on the platform.


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Derek Snyder figured out a way to conjoin two of his greatest passions: mobile devices and web development, which resulted in the successful tech platform and top tech YouTube channel Pocketnow that we know today. The tech news and review blog grows daily. Derek Snyder envisions a possibility of applications existing in the form of a web service taken over by a world of devices. The ex-co-founder now works at Microsoft as a chief product officer. But he has an amazing team at Pocketnow that keeps it all going.

The Pocketnow team:
Anton D. Nagy, Editor-in-Chief
Jaime Rivera, Chief Creative Officer
Brandon Miniman, Director of Content Operations
Joshua Vergara, Senior Editor & Podcast Host
Samuel Martinez, Adam Z Lein, Senior Editors

Initiated by the editor-in-chief Anton D. Nagy and supported by the entire team, the ambitious mission is to transform Pocketnow into a reference media outlet. The multimedia manager of the team Jaime Rivera fell in love with the tech world back when he was only 12 years old, and now he’s the leading man responsible for making Pocketnow one of the biggest YouTube tech channels in the industry.

Remember the times when YouTube wasn’t that big of a deal and wasn’t even taken seriously with the content that did exist. Yeah well, even back then, the director of content operations and one of the early founders of the key source of mobile tech news and reviews Pocketnow Brandon Miniman, was able to shift focus on video content in their website and continuously develop their content strategies.

From a tech support call center specialist to his work with Android Authority to being the senior editor and podcast host of Pocketnow Weekly, Joshua Vergara has had two constants in his life – his passion for tech and drinking tea. Two of the other senior editors include the news editor and content creator of the platform in Spanish Samuel Martinez, as well as Adam Z Lein – writer and reviewer of smartphones at ever since 2002.

The online media portal offers news, reviews, original podcasts and videos, competitions, editorials and deals to name a few. Fun fact: there’s a Spanish version of the website also available. Pocketnow monetizes via display and banner ads. The fundamental goal of the platform has been and remained the same – to provide top-notch video content, news, editorials and tech reviews to their mobile enthusiasts.

One of the oldest publications dedicated to mobile tech joined YouTube back in 2007. Their YouTube channel has over 720M lifetime views. As an Amazon Associate, Pocketnow earns from qualifying purchases.

Whether you’re a mobile enthusiast or have passion for tech in general, is an amazing high-quality tech platform to check out. Go ahead. Yeah, now.

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