Peyton List


We all are fond of Disney, Especially fond of Disney TV shows and series. Peyton List is one of the famous American actresses that appeared in DisneyTV series. Of course, she didn’t start her acting career at Disney, her first role was when she was 4 years old. But all those roles were uncredited. Her recent movie was  ” 27 Dresses”. The movie was about a girl who participated in 27  weddings as a bridesmaid but could never find love for herself. Payton played the young version of the main character when she was only 10 years old; all of Payton’s family members are actors. Payton has a young twin brother who is also a Disney actor. And they even have a film played together. After leaving the Disney channel she started her career in the teen movies


Fact: Payton is fond of animals. She has two dogs and a rabbit. Everyone is saying that Payton is a Disney princess because she rescues animals.


Interesting how her day at school was. Because all teen celebrities have to go to school and manage their lessons. Payton now is 23 years old but in her interviews, she mentioned that her life at school was like a movie about high school. But she managed all her lessons and even had a GPA of 4.00 points. Although, at school, she wanted to be a bus driver, hang out with kids and talk with them.


Due to her acting talent, Peyton List is also a famous social media star. She has 18.5 a million followers on Instagram.

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