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It may be hard to break into a new field and make your mark on it. But, if you want to get noticed by people in that industry, then just take some inspiration from those who have been successful before- these experts can give us tips about how they got where we are today!


Peter L Brandt is a commodities trader who lives in Colorado Springs. In 1970, Brandt earned a bachelor’s degree in journalism from the University of Minnesota. He has traded for many years, and his work can be found on Barry Ritholtz’s website, where he was named one of the most influential people in finance in 2011, which is certainly not an exaggeration! Peter currently publishes The Factor Service, which provides traders with tips about trading strategies each week to help them better understand how market movements happen as well as what influences those patterns at various points along their journey throughout markets around the globe. 


As a market researcher and trader, Peter often found himself in charge of managing several large institutional clients.

In the late 70s, Peter was a key player in Conti’s rise to fame and fortune. His list of clients included some big names like Campbell Soup Company or Godiva Chocolate – but it didn’t stop there! In fact, his work spanned across many different industries, including wheat trading for Oro Wheat.


In 1981, Peter founded Factor Trading Co., Inc., which today is known as Factor LLC, to take advantage of the volatile financial markets and was CEO during that time period. He traded proprietary capital primarily with other traders in order for him to make not only a profit but also due diligence on his own investment strategy. 


Factor Trading was a forward-thinking firm that specializes in innovative financial products. For example, they conducted market research and managed the trading activities of several large institutional clients, including Commodities Corporation, which at that time was one of the largest trading houses in the world. 


Peter is a master of managing the trades and intricate earnings reports that these large institutions throw at him. He’s seen just about every trick in the book; whether it be front running big orders or driving prices down with late trading news releases – Peter knows how to get ahead!


In 1990, Brandt published his first book. The book was titled Trading Commodity Futures with Classical Chart Patterns. It became an instant hit and is still considered one of the best books on futures trading today by many experts in this field. 


In 2011 Peter’s second title became Diary Of A Professional Commodity Trader, where he shares what it takes from the beginning as an inexperienced investor all the way through becoming successful enough not only to trade full time but also live comfortably off those profits.


Brandt has been setting the world of finance on fire with his innovative technical analyses for years now. His company, Factor LLC, trades proprietary capital and offers research to institutional clients at his website called 


If you’re interested in what he’s doing, then make sure to check out Peter Brandt’s Twitter account, where he constantly shares content with his almost 600 thousand followers!

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