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On his YouTube channel, Paul does tech reviews, tutorials, PC hardware, and do-it-yourself computer builds. With over 1M subscribers he keeps the community section very active as well.


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Paul Heimlich seems like your average simple man that happens to be a tech enthusiast, enjoys sharing tech-related content, and why not – gaining income from doing what he genuinely enjoys.

The tech reviewer started his YouTube channel back in 2012. His first video was titled “Welcome to Paul’s Hardware”. He’s one of the original tech YouTubers. Paul makes sure to make the time to respond to fans’ questions via Twitter.

Paul Heimlich also does a live show once a week on Awesome Hardware that covers technology news. The tech YouTuber will occasionally post time-lapse videos for the curious tech enthusiasts out there. He posts gameplay videos and tech recommendations as well as anything else that he thinks might be useful and interesting to the viewers.

The tech reviewer talks about keeping things relaxed in his videos. He tries to avoid the hyping up like a lot of the ads do when a new product comes out – instead he’s looking for a reliable and honest review, which is why that is what he shares with his subscribers as well. Heimlich measures his success according to how useful of a resource viewers think Paul’s Hardware is. If it is one then Paul knows he’s doing something right. He’s continuously grateful to be doing what he loves to do with the support of his viewers that make it all a reality for him.

One of the best tech YouTubers is very clear and blunt about his mission and values as a YouTuber and someone, who has the platform to influence a large number of people from all over the world. One of the things he’s been very straightforward about was the fact that he will never accept money to review a product – yes he felt that there was a need to specifically state this. He said even if he ever creates a completely sponsored video on his channel, then he will be transparent and disclose it upfront.

The creator of Paul’s Hardware has four income streams. The first one is YouTube ad revenue. He tries to stick to short skippable ads cause he admits to skipping them himself as well. The second is sponsored ad spots in his videos on his tech YouTube channel. The last two are the Amazon affiliate program, and his online store that has all sorts of merchandise like T-shirts, mugs, and hoodies. And even though there are numerous other ways to make money having a successful YouTube channel, these are the main ones our guy Paul is sticking to.

Dianna is Paul’s Hardware wife. They have a daughter together named Hana. The family also has a dog that Hana loves to play with – Hiro. They look absolutely adorable together. You can find some family-time captured moments on the tech YouTuber’s Instagram.

Follow the tech guru for educational, informative, very well explained tech content and in order to be well-aware of various tech trends.

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