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Carlos Watson was born on September 29th,1969, and he’s an American entrepreneur, with multiple Emmy awards for journalism.


Carlos Watson is a Miami native who fell in love with learning at an early age. His insatiable thirst for knowledge led him to achieve success as both journalist and entrepreneur, but he didn’t always see it that way – young Carlos was so rebellious that his mother pulled him out of kindergarten because she felt like the teachers couldn’t handle “such an energetic student”. But he went on to find his academic stride, earning degrees from Harvard and Stanford Law School.


 Now he’s a journalist and television host who’s earned praise for his ability to persuade high-profile guests to open up about a wide range of topics on camera-Interviewing everyone from presidents Barack Obama and George W.Bush to Jamala Jamil, Heidi Klum, and Bill Gates.


Carlos has always been a seeker of knowledge, but despite this love for learning, he had problems at school which resulted in his teachers labeling him as disruptive and disabled. His mom always jokes, she says that anyone who’d seen his first 10 years wouldn’t believe his last 10 years.


But even with the troubles at school, a need for food stamps, and an accident that almost rendered him unable to walk at the age of 11 he continued on. His thirst for knowledge has made it possible to share his experience in hopes of inspiring others who are going through hard times like him too.


After College, Watson worked at McKinsey & Company before founding an educational company at age 29 called Achieva College Prep Services, which he later sold to The Washington Post Co.


Watson began a television career in 2002 with guest appearances on Fox News and Court TV as a political analyst. On Labor Day,2003, he hosted a highly related prime-time interview show on CNBC featuring Howard Dean, Joe Montana, and Eva Longoria. Watson hosted a second interview show and was offered his own continuing show on CNBC, before joining CNN as a regular newscast contributor.


In 2007, Carlos Watson began hosting a series of one-hour primetime interview specials on Hearst Television stations across the country called Conversations with Carlos W., which won multiple awards including an Accolade for “Outstanding Portrait/Biography Program” and Gracie Allen Award.


Watson was recently named one of People’s “Hottest Bachelors” in 2004, alongside several other accomplishments. He also appeared on the Extra list for most eligible bachelors 2008.


But disillusioned with seeing the same five headlines regurgitated across every major news outlet each day, he decided to strike out on his own with OZY.


OZY is like a party of people who are all in agreement that they want to learn more about the world and do something with their insights. Hosted by Watson, this curated event sparks conversations between guests who share similar passions or burning desires for knowledge–his thoughts on current affairs delivered through an open mic mike so you can chime in when it’s your turn.


It must be noted that Carlos Watson has an Instagram account with 325K followers, a Twitter account with 16.6K followers. 

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