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Unlike most Mom influencers, Kristen does actually come across as an ordinary Mom who decided to share her life. The photos, the posts and just the overall content doesn’t scream ‘influencer’ – the vibe is like that’s-just-what-I-happen-to-be-doing.


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Kristen lives in Ohio with her husband Arick Mittler and their five children. She’s all about not taking things too seriously and just letting life happen at times. The Mom blogger admits that raising children and especially keeping track of five at once is an incredibly big responsibility. But the down-to-earth and loving Mom also likes to add that it can be an amazing and fun experience as well if you make it into one – it’s all up to you.

Kristen Mittler lives life with pretty simple rules and preaches the same to her followers. Most of her content one way or another is centering around health, happiness and love – the three fundamental moving forces in Kristen’s life. She constantly encourages her followers to self-reflect and continuously grow. According to our influencer Mom some of the most important questions that can contribute to your self-development and self-love journey if acted upon are: “Are you fulfilled?” “Are you happy?” and “Are you flourishing?” The answers to all of these crucial questions lay within each and every one of us. Whether it’s spreading love via her social media or being a better mother every day – Kristen doesn’t give up and tries growing a little bit every day.

The name of her blog and her Instagram account have a cute story actually. In her twenties Kristen and Arick saw a movie starring their favorite musician Will Oldham called Old Joy. One of the lines of the musician in the film is: “Sorrow is nothing but worn out joy” – a quote that stuck with Kristen all those years. So when she was thinking of a name for her Instagram account, the name of the movie popped up and she was all like yup cool why not. And there you have it guys. Then came the blog.

The blogger Mom does not miss a single opportunity to share love and just content that makes you smile. Mittler literally has a blog post where she tributes wonderful Moms among her followers who shared some of the reasons that make them amazing Moms. And with every piece of content, you learn more about this joyful woman who loves eating baby carrots, watching The Office, and riding around in the car with her husband listening to mixtapes.

All the photos that Kristen shares as well as the quality of her overall content is very real and genuine and accessible because it’s truly relatable for countless Moms out there. Her main goal is communicating their family spirit and experiences as they are to her audience and she does just that. You need to check her at oldjoy!

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