Nyane Lebajoa

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When it comes to fashion, makeup, and beauty in general, the opinions can get very diverse and sometimes even go to extremes. Do you like a natural look, or are you a fan of heavy makeup? Do you value comfort over beauty, or maybe you try to combine both? You can decide to have your signature look, which you do every day without worrying too much about spending time on fashion and makeup. Some people even go as far as wearing the exact same outfit daily and using the saved time in other ways. On the other end of the spectrum, you can find those who like to customize everything. Wearing drastically different makeup and clothing every day and sometimes even using wigs to change their hair color and style effortlessly. 


There are several possible combinations in the world of beauty. You can be in any position of the spectrum and still find someone for your exact niche on social media. But if you are into bright colors, dramatic and extreme looks, it might be of interest for you to visit South African-born model Nyane Lebajoa’s social media. Nyane started her model career when she was a teenager. With the rise in popularity of social media, it is not uncommon to see an influencer being described as a model. But, unlike some of them, Nyane has real experience in modeling. 


The origins of her internet fame lay in Tumblr and her self-titled style blog. After some early steps, her content slowly gained more and more popularity. Nowadays, she is a fashion and beauty influencer on Instagram, with over 1.6 million followers


Nyane Lebajoa was initially born in Lesotho, which is a small country in Africa. After spending her teenage years in the UK, she then moved to Berlin and is currently living in the USA. As you can see, she has her fair share of experiencing a culturally diverse lifestyle. 


Nyane is now amongst some of the top beauty influencers. Her beauty and unique looks make her stand out. Even if you aren’t a makeup and fashion fan, you might still find great pleasure from just the artistic creativity visible in each of her posts. 


Nyane Lebajoa has created her own wig company, Temper, with her collection called Temper by Nyané and a clothing line. Nyane’s wigs have a wide variety of colors and unique styles. If you are a wig lover, you surely want to check it out. On her webpage, you can also buy lashes and other accessories. Thanks to her success in the beauty industry Nyane has collaborated with big brands such as NYX Cosmetics and Nike.

Nevertheless, the young influencer and businesswoman is not the only star of the family. Her twin sister Mpho Lebajoa is also an internet star with her own following. Even though the two beauties are twins, their styles are very different from each other. With their unique taste, both of them have created their individual aesthetics. But regardless of the differences, Nyane and Mpho complement each other perfectly, and as a result, they were able to do various collaborations together.

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