Notsofast is the Twitter persona of a crypto OG who calls out scams and misinformation on social media.

Notsofast was one of the most helpful personalities on Crypto Twitter, and he became a prolific altcoin spec miner early in his career.


He is a consultant to many blockchain projects and an advocate for the potential of decentralized, permissionless systems. He opines that these technologies hold great promise in providing us with more security from both centralized authorities as well as hackers looking to compromise our personal information online.


An insightful and engaging speaker Notsofast says that cognitive dissonance is a funny thing. It’s important to get friendly with the idea of cognitive dissonance because it will help you understand people better and be more accepting of their perspectives, which isn’t always easy when those views don’t align with your own ideas or beliefs.


A pseudonym is an opportunity to build a solid reputation. It’s the power of being able to do something without any baggage, complications, or consequences- just you and your creativity on display for all the world to see and this is what Notsofast does.


Notsofast’s entry into crypto came via Dogecoin. A fun community and way to enter the space without having engaged with fringe political beliefs, but still learning about what it means for them as they explore new opportunities in this ever-changing industry.


Notsofast has approximately 300 altcoin bags and believes that while Bitcoin maximalism is a strong argument for the success of blockchain generally, there’s no need to be dogmatic about it. Groups tend towards groupthink in this space which means discussion becomes more polarized as well- nuances are lost on both sides.


Notsofast says it’s important to get friendly with cognitive dissonance and he uses the Indian parable of blind men who each feel a different part on an elephant – one believes it is large, another feels only its leg. No matter which man you speak to in this analogy they’ll tell you something completely different than what others say! He thinks crypto assets may be similar because people have very differing opinions about them yet none can fully understand how worthless an entire coin might truly represent after taking into account all factors involved.


Plus Andy and Notsofast discuss Willy Woo’s Oscillators and Degenerators thesis, why families might be natural crypto custodians and the practicalities of securing 300 different altcoin holdings.


In order to understand the case, it is important that you pay attention and read everything carefully. If we look at his Twitter page with an open mind then there are chances of understanding him better because he doesn’t reveal himself easily so anyone who does not know will miss out on any clues about this man


In the bio of this Twitter user, Notsofast, you can find a pinned tweet that is all about his first public talk on Bitcoin and crypto which has 465 likes.


Every day at least one new person subscribes to him. He has about 175 thousand followers who are interested in his ideas, thoughts, and other such things that he posts on social media sites daily․

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