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Being a dog is not as simple as it might seem at first. Besides being cute and friendly, some dogs have real jobs with various responsibilities, just like humans. From police work to rescue missions—our four-legged friends are capable of much more than we give them credit for! Some dogs even make headlines as therapy dogs by providing the necessary support and giving love in times when people need it most.


One such example of a successful therapy dog is Nobert. 


Norbert is a special dog that was adopted in 2009 by Julie Steines, an award-winning children’s book author. Norbert may have some Chihuahua/Lhasa Apso/Cairn terrier mix going on there, but what breed he really belongs to remains unknown with any certainty. As the only pup of his litter, it would be easy for anyone to see just how much this tiny fluff ball had left them wanting more! After all, who wouldn’t want such a unique and cuddly little pet? 


Norbert is far from being an average dog. Sure, he’s only three pounds and seven inches tall, but make no mistake– on the inside, Norbert is enormous!


After passing many tests and spending one whole year training, Nobert successfully becomes a registered therapy dog. Now with ‘Norberthood for Good,’ he works as a comfort and inspiration at hospitals, nursing homes, schools, etc.


Norbert, the goofy-looking dog, has been getting all sorts of love and attention. This social media celebrity now grows to have almost 2 million followers across his various platforms as he continues to bring people joy every day. Norbert even has his own apparel line and website.


The day Julia first saw Nobert, she knew he was special. From the very beginning, people would smile just by seeing him being himself, and it wasn’t long before a shopkeeper told her that no one could have guessed his true potential – to be a therapy dog! As soon as Julie found out what these dogs do for others in need of comfort or company, she realized how much this job suited Nobert’s outgoing personality and started training him.


Norbert is now more popular than ever as the star and inspiration behind a series of children’s books. The first book, Norbert: What Can Little Me Do? tells the story of how he became a therapy dog. Once the first book about Nobert, the dog, was published, he toured and visited many schools. 


The second book of the series is Norbert: What Can Little YOU Do?

The third book in the series is called Norbert & Lil BUB: What Can Little We Do? The book features Norbert with a fellow social media star, Lil Bub, and was co-written with Lil Bub’s owner, Mike Bridavsky.


The series was created by Julie, with illustrations by her mother, Dr. Virginia Freyermuth, who is an award-winning fine artist and art educator. Norbert and his mom Julie have created an enchanting character that kids love to read about! 


In his spare time, Norbert likes to hang out at home. He enjoys spending family time on the couch, eating, and napping. Sometimes he’ll even get up from his nap for a lively game or some high-fiving fun which is his most famous trick!

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