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It’s not a secret to anyone that makeup has the power to transform a person completely.  If you have spent some time on social media, then the chances are that you’ve seen at least one of the many makeup transformation videos or pictures. Some people use these for practical purposes, such as making their skin look more even and less oily under a camera’s harsh light. Some may just want to get creative with it, while other videos might be used purely for entertainment purposes and even create a shock effect. 


The bottom line is: there are a lot out there! You’ll see someone who starts off looking like they’re not wearing any makeup at all, but after applying foundation, lipstick, and eyeliner, they end up turning into a completely different person altogether. The idea behind these types of changes is not new by any means but has been popularized with YouTube tutorials and trends such as “makeup challenges.” Some viewers might think it’s fake, while others see it as an art form or creative expression. But no matter what your attitude is towards those extreme makeup transformation videos, it can’t be denied that a lot of artistry and talent goes into them.  


Let’s talk about one of the best YouTube beauty bloggers out there who has mastered the art of makeup transformations. Nikkie de Jager, also known by her YouTube name NikkieTutorials is one you need to know.

With about 42 million views, her video called “The Power of Make-up,” which she published in 2015, Nikkie de Jager gained a lot of attention. In the video, she starts off wearing no makeup and then shows the complete step-by-step transformation. It’s undoubtedly worth watching and letting yourself get amazed by her astonishing talent.


NikkieTutorials is YouTube’s go-to beauty guru for everything from a simple smokey eye to the perfect Fenty foundation match. She launched her channel in 2008 when she was only 14 years old and has since become one of the biggest stars on Youtube, with almost 14 million subscribers. Nikkie credits this success to “her vibrant glamorous looks, honest makeup product reviews, and chipper personality.”  


Nikkie’s success led to many doors opening for her, including partnerships with big-name brands like OFRA and Maybelline. Even sharing the same space as stars such as Lady Gaga is not out of reach for Nikkie with her talent and incredible works.


In early 2020 she came out as transgender with her video called “I am coming out” and later shared her story through a documentary series titled Layers of Me. Nikkie started her hormone therapy when she was 14 years old and did a gender reassignment surgery when she was 19. The successful beauty influencer always knew that she wanted to come out to her fans and followers. But that the time already came was the result of very unpleasant events. Nikkie de Jager was blackmailed by several people, which resulted in her publishing the coming-out video. She shared her experience, telling how she noticed that she was born in the wrong body from an early age. Her mother never judged her for that and has always been on her side, supporting Nikkie. And even though Nikkie’s fiance, Dylan Drossaers, wasn’t aware of her story initially, nowadays, he continues supporting her full-heartedly.

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