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Nicolette is a Los Angeles native, who was born on April 26. Nicolette works in Brooklyn, New York. Her horoscope sign is Taurus. This sign is the second sin in the astrological list. This is one of the earth signs. Taureans are known to be intelligent, dependable, dedicated, stubborn and hard working. Women are gentle, kind and loyal. It takes them a long time to open up to new people. However, once they make a friend, they consider them a friend for life. They will never wish to part ways because they grow attached.


 Mason is a brand strategist and creative consultant , contributing fashion writer. Mason was a contributing editor at Marie Claire from 2011 until 2016, with bylines at Glamour, Teen Vogue, Refinery29, Coveteur, Vogue Italia and many more. She also has her blog, where she shares about personal style snaps, travel and about everything that she loves. Since launching her blog she graduated from Parsons School of Design. She spent her last 12 years working in a fashion industry, with a focus on body positivity, diversity, inclusion and sustainability. Nicolette loves promoting small businesses. She works as an independent creative consultant with mission-driven brands who strive to build authentic communities that focus on empowerment, visibility and also inclusion.


A little bit of personal, professional history of Mason. Modcloth was the first brand that she collaborated with in a big way. By the way, Nicolette was a fan of the brand for many years mainly because of their commitment to women’s empowerment and body positivity. Fact about Modcloth : it was one of the first brands to embrace the idea of inclusivity in fashion and included diverse casting across the board. 


In 2014, Nicolette collaborated with the brand for the first time with her first collection, working closely with their design team to create pieces together that would spoke with Mason’s style and to her personal ethos that fashion can, and should, to be a source of empowerment regardless of what a person’s body looks like. Once she mentioned that her style has evolved a lot since then, but the mindset and commitment to broadening inclusivity in fashion hasn’t.


Recently, she has been working through a major period of fashion experimentation. As Mason has her own brand “Premme ” she is constantly looking for inspiration, to broaden her own horizons and to design for people with style and aesthetics different from her own. She also has been expanding her color palette recently. For her, it has been very exciting and fun to wear clothes that she has never really worn before. However, Nicolette mentioned that she will always continue loving and wearing her monochromatic black and white looks and of course her pops of pink. 


Nicolette Mason has also an Instagram account, here she has over 205K followers. On this platform she shares about her lifestyle and she is quite an active Instagrammer. As you can notice from her Instagram page, Nicolette is a highlight lover. She has various highlights with different topics and themes. For instance, about her new home, or pics and videos from New York City, you can also see her daily looks and matching looks with her dog Frankie in the highlight named “ootd”. 


Mason has a pug, a cute little dog named Francoise aka Frankie. Her dog has an Instagram account petitepug  with over 2K followers. On Frankie’s Instagram you can see different photos like Frankie while traveling, relaxing during their vacation or driving a car and so many other interesting and at the same time cute photos. Frankie is a very stylish dog, it is obvious because in every picture Frankie has a different costume, this fashion lover even likes to pose for Nicolette to take some cute pictures.   


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