Negin Mirsalehi

Followers: 6.3M
Comments/Likes: 0.49
Engagement: 2.98
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61 mango-score


If you go through the “30 under 30 Europe” list of Forbes magazine, you will come across the name Negin Mirsalehi. The daughter of Iranian immigrants started being an influencer when the word wasn’t even popular yet. Negin Mirsalehi had the perfect timing when she started sharing pictures and videos from her life and travels on Instagram. That was still back in 2013 after Instagram had released its first version. Even though the app already had about 100 million users compared to nowadays, it was still in its beginning stage. Within four years, Mirsalehi built her career and became a social media star. Today, she has more than 6.6 million followers on her Instagram page, where she shares insights from her life and business. Negin Mirsalehi isn’t only an internet star anymore but has managed to found her own company. 


While timing played a significant part in Negin’s success, it wasn’t the only determinant of her career. Her popularity on Instagram didn’t come on its own. Negin Mirsalehi, who had a degree in marketing, noticed the social media platform’s potential, which at that time had only a few users in the Netherlands. She took the opportunity and, after researching the trends, started following numerous fashion and beauty profiles while also posting her own content.  Just after a year, Negin Mirsalehi already had one million followers. Her content was very direct and relatable for followers, making her far more attractive as a social media personality. While showing openness to her followers, Negin Mirsalehi was very strict with her partnerships with fashion and beauty companies. Even though the young influencer wasn’t having a shortage of offers, Negin would turn down many of them. After risking countless profitable deals, her first cooperation ended up being with the brand Tommy Hilfiger. Today brands need to pay thousands of dollars for just one promotional post. 


In 2017 Negin Mirsalehi won the “Influencer of the Year” award; however, it’s questionable if being an influencer is still her primary career.  Like many other big names on social media, Negin went through several transformations which constantly shaped her career, and, in the end, she founded her own brand. Companies started by social media stars are now becoming the standards and usually succeed very quickly. That shows once more how vital influencer marketing is in today’s business world. 


Negin Mirsalehi is not the only child of her family. According to her social media, she has an older sister with whom she loves sharing pictures on social media. Negin also likes spending time with her niece. Negin is currently in a relationship with her boyfriend, Maurits Stibbe. The young couple has been together for many years already. Maurits appears on Negin’s Instagram quite often, where they share cute couple pictures. The two of them also have a special love for animals. Negin Mirsalehi and Maurits Stibbe adopted a dog and even opened an Instagram account for their pet. With over 61 thousand followers, the dog named Mosey has quite an audience.

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