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Meet Angela Kim – a blogger, a podcast host, a Mom, published writer, copywriter, an entrepreneur and an influencer. The creative content creator is a Mama of four, who quit her job as a professor of writing and embarked on a new and more personally fulfilling journey of being a full-time blogger.


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Being the artistic soul that she is, quitting her job as a freshman composition professor at Cal State Polytechnic Pomona, being home all day was not gonna work for Angela. So she started on brainstorming and aiming to figure out a creative outlet that would work well for her. She was struggling to find a job due to her eldest daughter’s health issues that needed to be taken care of. Little did she know that she was gonna become a very successful and motivating Mom influencer.

The journey of self-awareness and self-love was a long and hard one. Back-to-back pregnancies, two babies, husband’s long working hours, her eldest daughter’s diagnosis of SYNGAP1, dealing with depression – all of which led Angela to numerous therapy sessions. But Kim was stronger than any hardships that came her way.

Connecting to other Moms all over the world via blogging and sharing her experiences through writing became a life-changing healing process for Angela. Her blog started out and continues to be a place of self-discovery, self-love, empowerment, inspiration and constant reflection.

The Mom of four loves cooking, practicing yoga as well as meditation and catching up on Korean dramas while cleaning like Monica (y’all should not need an explanation for this reference… but if you do… *facepalm*).

Today Angela J. Kim is a Mom to Elise, Tess, Declan and Rumi who are the sunshine of her life. She lives in California with her husband and kids. The influencer Mom is a full-time blogger and creator of the popular lifestyle blog Mommy Diary where she shares all about her life as a Mom. The number of monthly viewers of the blog reaches over 1 million.

The popular Korean Mom blogger is featured in websites like, Popsugar and Healthline. She collaborates with a countless number of brands and raises awareness about products that might add value into somebody’s life. Some of the well-known brands she worked with include Disney, Starbucks, Target, Toyota, Samsung, Kia, Kellogs and Nordstrom. She’s also a regular contributor to Huffington Post and TODAY Parents. Angela’s work has been published in Asian American anthologies, literary journals and cultural readers.

Her Instagram depicts all aspects of her life: work, friends, family, inspiration, empowerment, travels, new life journeys and motivational content for her followers. She enjoys doing DIY projects with her family and learning all about home decor. Angela Kim is an honest storyteller and a postpartum depression advocate. She’s grateful for being able to do what she loves for a living and is passionate about sharing everything starting business tips up until the most everyday Mom hacks with mothers out there who want to be able to create something of their own and gain balance in their lives.

Wanna read a genuine diary of a Mom? Then follow the creative soul who has the innate ability to motivate and inspire numerous people from different walks of life at mommydiary.

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