Alexandra Botez


Most of you  had probably watch the film called “Queen’s Gambit”. If you compare Alexandra Botez’s life evidences with the film you will see that there are a lot of things that are the same as in her life.


Alexandra was born in the US but most of her childhood she spent in Canada. Botez mentions that she grew up in a community of many Romanians. This Romanian culture was also a big factor why Aleksandra decided to  become a chess player. One of her interviews she mentioned “Whenever someone in the States asks me why I play chess, I explain to them that in Romania there is a chess culture that is much richer than in the States or in Canada. In Canada and in the States everyone says that chess players are geeks, but in Romania my grandparents both played, so my grandmother taught my father and my father taught me when I was six’’


It is amazing but  except being a chess player Alexandra is also a commentator, Twitch streamer, and YouTuber. She was only 15 when she won the U.S. Girls Nationals and also she became a five-time Canadian National Girls Champion. But Alexandra started her chess career at the age of 6.

Now at the age of 25 she makes a six-figure income playing chess live on Twitch. Especially during the pandemic, chess was one of Twitch’s fastest growing spectacles sports


Fun fact : During one of the live streams Alexandra Botez promised that if she  doesn’t reach her rating goal in one month period to 2300 she will shave her eyebrows, because it was motivating. But fortunately she reached 2304 so she got to keep her eyebrows.


Alexandre now has a really big audience on Instagram, Twitch and YouTube. More than 200000 people a day log on to watch her play chess and a lot of them give 5 $ a month to support her channel. Her yearly salary is approximately 1,996.71 $.


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