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Milperthusky is known and famous for being the name of quite a famous Instagram account, which features three adorable husky doggos named Millie, Rupert and Lola. They spend their days interacting with humans to produce an endlessly entertaining series of videos that people will not want to miss!
These cuties live in Manchester with their owners Aaron Wallman, his wife Kieghley Wallman, and their two sons Kade and Parker. The kids have bonded with the huskies since day one and are together all the time either playing or cuddling. However, Parker’s and Millie’s bond is on a different level. As Millie had puppies a few years back, her maternal instincts remained and she has treated baby Parker like her own. After becoming a mother she became more caring, sweet, and attentive. When the dogs are not up to mischief, people can get to see them cuddle, play and snuggle with the hooman babies, who they are very protective about. These dogs are definitely putting a smile on every single people’s face so here is a glimpse into their exciting life that will leave you in awe.
Two years ago Aaron was planning on moving into a bigger house and wanted to adopt another husky. Millie and Rupert were 8 years old at that time and were still very active. So Aaron was sure that Lola would be accepted by the huskies and they would get along. And when they got Lola as a puppy she became really attached to Aaron’s son Kade. There is a video of Kade crying and Lola trying to do everything to distract him, which proves that they also share a special bond.
Milperthusky is showing quite a high level of activeness on various social media platforms which happen to be Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and TikTok. On YouTube they have had a presence for more than 5 years. Milperthusky joined this platform and created their channel back on March 14, 2017. On this channel the Wallman family posts videos of how huskies act in different situations and sometimes set pranks to trick them. Aaron also shared entertaining videos of baby Parker giving treats to the huskies whenever nobody was around. Their most-watched video is a compilation of Parker and Millie cuddling, which has almost 40 million views. It’s really heartwarming to see the kids become best friends with the huskies. The video is called “ My Husky Promised from Day 1 she would always Protect my Baby! [CUTEST VIDEO EVER]”, and it was uploaded back on January 18, 2019. As of March 2022, the YouTube channel of Milperthusky has more than 2.48 million subscribers, there are about 910 uploaded videos and more than 880 million total number of views. On Instagram Milperthusky’s audience exceeds 1 million and on this platform people can see the lifestyle of the Wallman family and the three dogs. As for Twitter, Milperthusky joined this platform back in 2017, however their channel is not used and is not showing a high level of activeness. Currently they have about 700 followers. On Facebook, the family also share lifestyle and funny videos with the dogs and as of 2022 their account has more than 1.2 million followers. The last social media platform on which Milperthusku has a presence is considered to be TikTok. On this platform the family has over 1.2 million followers and about 18 million total number of likes.

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