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Mike Nekta is a third-generation diamond expert and jewelry designer. He specializes in bridal pieces, which he says are more personal than businesslike because each piece has special meaning for its wearer or owner, no two people will ever have the same set of rings. 

Since 1974 The Nektalov family has been a staple in the New York City Diamond District serving the general public and re-sellers around the globe. The original family business began in humble beginnings, but with hard work and dedication, it grew into one of New York’s most successful wholesale/retail Diamond District companies.


He’s a qualified gemologist, with an advanced degree from the Gemological Institute of America.


It’s all about the little things,” says Mike, and he means it. His design philosophy is simple – minor details make major differences for him!

Mike is an expert in the diamond industry who has made a lifelong mission of showing people that they too, can get top-quality stones for reasonable prices.


He was an aesthete from the moment he could hold a paintbrush. A man of vision, passion, and creativity; Mike saw beauty in everything around him – especially when it came to how things were designed or crafted with exquisite care for detail.


The diamonds have an unparalleled brilliance and cut that makes them perfect for any occasion. They sparkle even in the dark, with a maximum of fire to show off your style.


When asked “What is the key to your business success?”Mike Nekta replied, “We are a major player in the jewelry capital of the world, innovation is expected from us and that is how we stay 5-10 years ahead of other jewelers”.

Mike Nekta’s goal is to stay innovative and provide the best designs using cutting-edge production techniques available. He puts pride in his work, which shows through with high-quality craftsmanship that will last for years.


Professional service and great selection in Manhattan call or visit Mike Nekta for a free 20-minute diamond consultation. Regardless of what you’re looking for, Mike Nekta can help.


Mike Nekta’s eternity bands are expertly crafted to be treasured forever. These natural diamonds will never lose their beauty, and they’re always a perfect fit for any finger or hand.

Elegance and flair are the hallmarks of Mike Nekta’s collection, which provides utmost integrity in every step from design to distribution. All diamonds come ethically sourced with a sense of style.


As already mentioned, the main idea of Mike Nekta is that everyone can buy wonderful jewelry at very affordable prices. And according to him, every woman has the right to buy a beautiful ring or other jewelry to feel charming, attractive, and as well feminine.


Mike Nekta has his own where in each section such as Rings, Bracelets, Studs, Necklaces, Colored Stones, and Pendants everyone can find what they are looking for.


Unfortunately, nothing is known about his relationship.


He also has a wonderful Instagram account with 514K followers, where you can find amazing pictures of beautiful jewelry. Mike is also active on Twitter where he has over 3K followers. His YouTube channel gives us a lot of information about rings, bracelets, necklaces, etc. too.

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