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A random girl working in a local clinic in Venezuela turning into one of the leading female fitness influencers. A lot of ex-no-name individuals have faced the problem of not being taken seriously when they turn famous. But this is not the case with Michelle Lewin. Currently she is one of the most influential Hispanic figures in the global fitness industry. Michelle came from modest beginnings. Never knowing her birth father and her mother separating from her step-father create all the conditions for a harsh childhood.

Lewin has a powerful will. The fact that she is only 162 cm did not stop her from entering the modeling world. Here she met another big obstacle due to her chest freckles. Even now, while she is a famous model, she thinks that agencies are disgusted with those freckles but should not care.

Lewin isn’t a casual role model who inspires girls to starve themselves so that they will have that “perfect” form. She is proud of this one.

Michelle has some naked photoshoots, though she has mixed feelings about nudes in modeling. Venezuelan Playboy was chasing her for two years until she finally agreed to be on the cover of the January 2012 issue. In her opinion, it is not necessary to reveal that much.

Building a body like Michelle’s requires an immense amount of hard work. Lewin trains six days a week, twice a day. She does 45 minutes of cardio in the morning and weights in the evenings. She trains each muscle group once throughout the week. The only exceptions are her abs and glutes, which get more attention; twice a week. The female bodybuilder does not like taking rest days but refers to those as one of the most essential attributes of a healthy bodybuilding routine. Thus she takes one day off during the week.

Lewin wakes up to a very clean morning breakfast consisting of complex carbs and vegetables. But on Sundays, she indulges in the pleasures that come from eating other things, like all the pizza and pasta she can get hold of.

Michelle was not always this shred. After she met Jimmy Lewin, they started training together, and now Michelle is also a very successful bodybuilder.
Michelle’s whirlwind romance with Swedish-born bodybuilder Jimmy Lewin led to her marriage in 2010. Today, the two are inseparable as he is not only Michelle’s personal trainer and agent but also a best friend who manages all of their social media accounts.

Lewin wants twins, though she is very concerned with the changes a woman’s body can have during and especially after pregnancy. These concerns are very understandable since her body is her career. She has worked very hard for a long time to become a successful fitness influencer, bodybuilder and bikini babe.
But Michelle Lewin confesses that in 10 years, she sees herself taking off of this career road and resting on a beach with her two 5-year-old twins.

Michelle Lewin is showing quite a high level of activeness on various social media platforms which happen to be Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook. On Instagram, Lewin is showing off her lifestyle, body and half-naked pictures in order to show her six pack. Currently her account has more than 14.7 million followers. On YouTube Michelle has over 402 thousand subscribers and on her channel she shares full workout routines for gym or home, cooking and behind the scenes when working. As for Twitter, Lewin joined this platform in March 2011, and as of March 2022 her channel has about 457 thousand followers. On Facebook her audience exceeds 8.6 million followers.

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