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Meg Loeks is a great mom and an inspiring content creator. When looking through her feed, you feel like you’re in a fairy tale. Photos of her kids are #goals.


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It feels like with Meg’s photography style and professional skills she is able to make anyone look absolutely gorgeous – like they just stepped out of a painting. The key elements that give her photos that painting-like filter is her equipment, her children, and natural light.

Her love of film was what awoke her passion for photography. The roots of her love for capturing the beauties of life and managing to make them even more beautiful go all the way back to a tiny darkroom in Meg Loeks’ high school. That was the place where she would patiently and passionately spend hours developing her prints. Meg’s first steps as a photographer were for her high school yearbook. She took a break from practicing her love of photography in college but it is her passion, it was just a matter of time before she grabbed her camera again and started shooting.

The Mom influencer found inspiration and motivation in her children. So it’s not surprising that in most of her works the main subjects are her adorable beautiful angels. Judging from her Instagram posts and constant references to Norman Rockwell, it’s safe to say that Meg finds inspiration in the works of this American painter, who is well-known for his illustration of everyday American life.

Once she went back to photography she started taking courses in order to improve her skills. Looks found her calling and style through her love of nature and beautiful moments in life. Meg shoots environmental portraits, lifestyle, and fine art. Looking at her Instagram page or portfolio on, it’s hard not to take notice of her emphasis on lighting and color. Most of her works are low on lighting but charged with natural colors. She likes to intertwine different genres together that you might otherwise think would not work well together. But if you guys are curious, she identifies as a natural light photographer, who also likes to experiment with artificial light.

Meg Loeks lives in a remote part of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula with her husband, kids, and pets. The couple has four beautiful children – three boys and a baby girl. The family has two more members – a cat and a dog. The Mom influencer and professional photographer has a degree in Advertising and Public Relations and was actually working a corporate job. But ever since she left that and started her own business in photography – she has never looked back. Her focus right now is her family as well mentoring and teaching on various online platforms like ClickIn Moms, Sigma, and Profoto.

Meg has great advice on how to take photos and edit them according to the vision you have in mind. If you want to experience some magical emotions and gain practical photography tips then do not waste time – follow her now.

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