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Massy Arias is a health coach and certified personal trainer. Her approach to fitness goes beyond exercises and foods, focusing on mental health through affirmations, yoga flow, etc. She helps millions around the world to find their true self, live happily, and become a better version of themselves mentally, physically, and spiritually. You can find her

Massy Arias is a fitness trainer, motivator and activist from the Dominican Republic. She has appeared on several magazine covers including Latina’s American lifestyle publication where she was featured with titles such as “5 Ways To Ward Off Winter Blues.”


This tattooed beauty from the Dominican Republic has a body that would make most women feel satisfied. She thoroughly admits to having created it herself, literally out of scratch! Massy’s Instagram feed is filled with all sorts of things; modeling work as well as coaching people on how they too can have their own fitness regimen or wellness plan if so desired. What many don’t know about this multi-tasking wonder woman though? Her proudest moment may just be becoming an entrepreneur in addition to her other accomplishments which range from being a model/entrepreneurialist etc.


She is a fitness and weight training guru with an impressive list of accomplishments, including being the first African American woman in all of England to qualify for bodybuilding’s World Championships. She has experienced great struggles that she overcame using fitness as therapy; her blog provides inspiration for women around the world looking up how they can battle personal demons while emerging victorious!


She has gradually built a stable client base who applaud her for infecting them with this never-give-up attitude that essentially changes their life philosophy.

She is so convincing in the way she talks about what it’s like to be successful and realize all your goals, while motivating others around you to do as well!


In her quest to live a healthy lifestyle, Massy Arias has found that it is not only the physical aspect that makes us feel better. As she adopted this new way of life with an active and balanced diet as well as a regular exercise routine – both mental and spiritual aspects also emerged stronger than ever before!


Her diet consists of the following meals: asparagus and salmon, fruits; green smoothies with raw vegetables such as cucumbers or celery topped off in a blender for an easy drink. She also enjoys rice mixed into her favorite dishes which can include anything such as lentils thrown together on top of salad greens.


Massy Arias was going through depression when she had an abusive boyfriend. Furthermore, her ex-boyfriend would often provoke and mislead her for no reason whatsoever which caused even more problems within their relationship; it became clear that this story isn’t an exclusive case and many other women have experienced similar things as well. So started to raise her self-taught awareness on her self-titled website. 


Now Massy is married to her husband, Stephan Williams. The couple is blessed with a daughter Indira Sarai in 2017, and he supports all aspects of Massie’s life as an inspirational figure through different media channels such as managing workout plans for the celebrity mommy-to-be among other things!


Although Massy is a fitness trainer and influencer on different social media platforms, the amount of money she makes from these sources has not been disclosed to the public yet. Based on various online articles it’s estimated that her net worth to be around 800 thousand dollars!

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