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Macro Streng is a German businessman and chief executive officer and co-founder of Genesis group, a cryptocurrency business based in Iceland that is one of the largest Bitcoin and ether mining operations. 


There is not much information about the life, birthday and family of Streng, however it is known that he was born in 1989 and was raised in the German state of Bavaria. His nationality is German. Marco Streng studied mathematics at Ludwig-Maximilians University located in Munchen, but he left it before graduating so he studied from 2011 until 2013. Marco’s interest in cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology developed while he was at the university, when he set up a mining operation in his student accommodation that was copied by other students. The operation ended when the electricity bill arrived. 


In November 2013, Streng turned into the CEO and co-founder of Genesis Group. Genesis Group provides cloud base information technology services to businesses and end users for a range of applications including video rendering, Al, and blockchain development applications. It currently has two main divisions for these industries, Genesis Cloud and Genesis Mining.


In February 2014, Marco Streng became the co-founder of Genesis Mining. It is a technology company and the world’s leading provider for Bitcoin and altcoin cluodmining. They offer their clients easy access to small, medium and large mining contracts. Since July 4th of 2014 Genesis Mining has a YouTube channel Genesis Mining. As for no, the channel has about 27K subscribers and 38 uploaded videos. The videos include interviews with interesting people or the anatomy of cryptocurrency mining rig, benefits of mining and cloud mining by Marco Streng and many more different and interesting videos.


In January 2016, Marco became the founder of Logos Fund. The Logos Fund was established in order to invest into the mining of Bitcoin as well as into Bitcoins directly, benefitting from different markets and pricing as part of it’s strategy to achieve optimal results for investors.

In March 2021, Marco Streng founded Genesis Digital Assets and now he is the founder and CEO of the company. This company is considered to be the most experienced Bitcoin miner in the whole world — since 2013. Nine years of Bitcoin mining is like 80 years in any other industry. Wild market price swings, uncertain regulatory environments, and the fast-paced innovation that comes with all emerging technology is what they have been dealing with since 2013.


People can find Marco Streng in different social media platforms such as Twitter, LinkedIn and others.


On Twitter Marco’s account is Marco Streng. On this platform he has about 12.2K followers and he follows only 178 people. Streng first joined Twitter back in May 2013. Marco also has a LinkedIn account Marco Streng  with over 500 connections, however on LinkedIn Streng is not as active as on Twitter. On facebook Marco can be found as Marco Streng


Unfortunately, there is no exact information about the personal life of this young phenomenon 

Marco Streng, however it is considered that as for now he is single and not dating anyone. 


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