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If you are a fan of fashion bloggers and like to keep up with all the updates, then you must have heard about Manny MUA or Manuel Gutierrez Junior. Manny is a brilliant makeup artist, beauty blogger, and entrepreneur. Being the first male brand ambassador of Maybelline, he stays in the news all the time. Other than that, he also has a Youtube channel, and Instagram handles where millions of people follow him. Though he is always popular for promoting beauty products, the fashion blogger also stayed in light due to his controversy with other fashion bloggers. The core of the controversy was that he and Laura Lee joined forces with Gabriel Zamora against Jeffree Star after Jeffree posted a tweet regarding removing negative people from his life.


Although there was a lot that happened after this. If we talk about Manny, he uploaded a video in which he discussed how the last year (2019) went for him mentally. In the video, he also addressed Jeffree and talked about fixing things as he values the fashion blogger a lot in his life. In response to this video, Jeffree didn’t do much, but at present, it seems like their friendship is over. Due to this controversy, Manny Gutierrez lost a lot of followers and subscribers on Instagram and Youtube, respectively.


The controversy happened just two years back. However, the popularity of Manny MUA has not faded. The fashion blogger has three accounts, namely on Youtube, Instagram, and Twitter, and all of them are followed by many of his loyal fans. Usually, Manny shares some of his best beauty videos on Youtube that include make-up tutorials, beauty tips, and make-up first impressions. Other than that, Manny Gutierrez has also collaborated with brands to showcase their products.


As easy it may seem, Manny Gutierrez has done a lot of hard work to be where he is today. At a younger age, Manny gained interest in make-up on seeing his mother doing make-up. When he grew up, he worked with various brands like MAC and Sephora before he launched his Youtube channel in 2014. After starting his beauty channel, he was unstoppable as he collaborated with various brands and people to market their products. He worked with Makeup Geek and Morphe Cosmetics for eye-shadow palettes and with Jeffree Star Cosmetics for two lipsticks and 2 highlighters. However, he got his big break in 2017 when he was announced as a brand ambassador of Maybelline for Colossal Big Shot Mascara. Manny Gutierrez boasts around 4.86 million subscribers on Youtube as of now.

If we dig into the personal life of the makeup artist, he is born and brought up in a Mormon family. He has two brothers and is American-Mexican. Long before his path turned towards being a fashion blogger, Manny Gutierrez wanted to be a plastic surgeon. He even graduated from the San Diego State University to fulfill this dream, earning a bachelor’s degree. Apart from Youtube videos, he was also seen in an American reality TV show “Escape the Night.” He was a record producer in the show.

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