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Instagram is a great way to find influencers who share your interests. While many of us think about people as being powerful Instagram celebrities, it turns out dogs have been dominating the charts lately! Manny The Frenchie proves that some furry friends can be just as big of an influence online- even if they don’t talk back or pose for pictures themselves as most human stars do.


I’m not sure if you’ve seen this amazing French bulldog named Manny, but he’s got over a million followers on Instagram! He may be the cutest animal alive. In addition to being cuddly and adorable as can be with his human companions in real life or through social media posts for all those that follow him online -Manny has also raised awareness about important charities across America by doing things like posing with Dwayne Wade or taking part in Puppy Bowl. 


If you’re wondering who is behind that famous social media account? It is Amber Chavez, and she does a phenomenal job at it!


When Amber was looking for a dog, she came across this amazing ball of energy in an online advertisement. His breeder tried to get rid of him because he had been the last litter and couldn’t sell him- before they gave up on their efforts when Amber fell head over heels in love!


Born in California, he currently resides in Chicago. He donates to a long list of dog and animal charities, including the Chicago French Bulldog Rescue, the French Bulldog Rescue Network, the French Bulldog Village, Snort Rescue, and many more.


He is a tiny but muscular dog with a name that references the famous Filipino boxer, Manny Pacquiao. He also loves bacon, sleeping in sinks for his naps, and doesn’t like long walks on beaches!


When Amber Chavez saw that other animals had their own profiles, she got the idea to post pictures of her dog too. Manny has always been like a little ham who loves showing off for all his followers!


Amber realized that animals could be famous even if they weren’t in a movie or show. In the beginning, she had no idea how much people wanted to follow Manny. After noticing his growth on social media and seeing what he was doing for charities with different corporations, she decided it would be worth dedicating time toward building their website along with partnering up, so they could work with more charities!


Manny is like a little baby! He loves to be held, and he can’t wait for his human friends. When it’s time for greens, Amber tries to hide them in his food; however, all the sneaky strategizing ends up in vain because Manny eats around all of the greens. He is very lazy and only moves when it’s time for a meal or if there’s an emergency. He spends most days sleeping on his back and doesn’t seem to care who sees him dozing off.


The first book from Manny, “Manny the Frenchie’s Art of Happiness,” is a lighthearted guide to happiness. He also founded his own foundation called Manny & Friends Foundation, where he hosts various fundraising events!

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