Shayla Mitchell



MakeupShayla is a YouTube and Instagram phenomenon. She has 2.7 million followers on her Facebook page, which made her the ideal candidate for this job as well!

Her Makeup Tutorials are popular with both teens that want to learn more advanced techniques or adults looking for something less laborious but just as creative – in other words, everyone can find an interest here from those interested in makeup tutorials at all levels of talent/skill level (casual user), including professional artists who need inspiration when making their own artistry look perfect every single time based off someone else’s ideas.


It’s no surprise that Mitchell is one of the most influential beauty vloggers who rose to fame from the ground up. Supposedly, she used to sleep 5 hours a day and put in a lot of effort for everything she did! But it was worth every second when you think about all that happened – like working with top cosmetics companies such as Maybelline or Colourpop (she even has an app!). 


In 2017, Shayla worked with cosmetics behemoth Maybelline to launch an exclusive range of items. It was her first time collaborating on a project for such an established brand and she couldn’t have loved it more! This allowed them both – the client and employee alike-to reach new heights together in their fields while providing consumers access into something only those at this level could get before anyone else does.

MakeupShayla is a makeup artist and entrepreneur with the desire to help others create their own transformations. They have created several collaborations including one for The Beauty Department, an online boutique that specializes in natural beauty products from around the world!


It didn’t take long before Makeupshaya became known as much more than just another social media guru – she’s made it her personal mission of empowering women through uplifting words- which makes this all seem like so little work at its finest.


MakeupShayla also has her own Amazon store where she sells the same makeup that you see on social media.


She uses an algorithm to customize every order based upon what people have been buying and not satisfied by other brands, which means they will get free gifts with their purchase of $25 or more!


MakeupShayla is now Mrs. Mitchell! Shayla Mitchell tied the knot with her boyfriend of four years, Les, in a beautiful ceremony. The couple announced they’re in a relationship in 2017 the beautiful story of how they first met. So, Les, who was on a trip to California, made eye contact with Shayla while riding down an escalator. He returned to ask for her number and the rest is history. A beautiful love story, indeed.


Shayla Mitchell is friends with Daphne Joy’s on Instagram. They’ve been inseparable for years and can often be seen together at events, or just hanging out in their hometown!


If we go byCelebsLifeReel, she’s worth about 2.5 million dollars!


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