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Wanna follow a life of a redhead with southern charm? If you do, look no further – Maci Bookout is the perfect Mom influencer to follow. She’s an actress, a Mom, a wife, an adventurer, an advocate for various causes, a writer, and a media personality. Maci Bookout’s net worth is somewhere between $1.5 million and $2 million (according to November of 2020).


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Maci Bookout’s (also known as Maci McKinney) experience of being a media persona goes all the way back to the years of starring in Teen Moms as one of the teen Moms being a literal teen Mom herself. That was way too many teen Moms in one sentence. Okay, we’ll stop now. Her acting career actually began when she was cast in the TV series 16 and Pregnant, which then turned into Teen Moms which later was renamed and continued filming as Teen Moms OG. Bookout also starred in Naked and Afraid which’s a TV show about adventures in the wild and the participants’ experiences of trying to survive all that for 14 days. Our girl Maci decided she had enough of that on day 2 and left the show. I mean who would blame her?

The Mom influencer is also a public speaker and an author. She published several books: Bulletproof, and then I Wasn’t Born Bulletproof: Lessons I’ve Learned (So You Don’t Have To), and even a poetry book The Battle Upstairs.

After high school, the accidental pregnancy got in the way of Maci’s plans of going away to college. She gave birth to her son Bentley from then-boyfriend and co-star Ryan Edwards. The pair did not stick together though. Bookout went on to dating her childhood friend Kyle King, who ended up cheating on her. Rumors or not, their relationship came to an end.

2012 might have brought some love and peace into Maci’s life when she started dating the motocross racer Taylor McKinney. In 2015, the couple welcomed their baby girl Jayde and a year later baby boy Maverick joined the family. Taylor proposed to Maci in 2016 during filming in Venice Beach, California. They got married later that year in Florida.

Both Bookout and McKinney shared the struggles and difficulties that Maci’s ex Edwards would cause. He would leave voice messages threatening both Taylor and Maci. Ryan would continuously claim that he would take his son away from Maci and in order to assure the family’s safety, the couple decided to file an order of protection against Edwards. Over time though, the order of protection was dismissed, and instead, a mutual restraining order was put in place.

After all of this you might ask yourself, so how old is Maci from Teen Mom? Well, she’s not even 30 yet you guys. Whether it was in the wilderness or in her relationship or for her family’s safety – Maci Bookout is a fighter. She doesn’t stop at a personal level. McKinney is an advocate for women who have been affected by polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). Maci and her husband Jason co-founded an organization called Things That Matter (TTM). The aim of the company was to become more than a clothing brand. It was to provide comfortable, fitting, and good-quality clothes to everyone regardless of their profession and whereabouts because the couple believes that people should feel comfortable wearing their brand and doing whatever matters to them. TTM’s vision and mission are very personal to Maci – it’s seen in both her Instagram page and YouTube channel Maci Bookout McKinney. She shares bits and pieces of her lifestyle, her experiences with family and friends, and she does not forget to empower her followers with quotes here and there that make people truly feel like they matter. The world needs more advocates like Maci.

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