Luke Eisner


Luke is an American actor, model who was born on August 1,1996 in Wisconsin. Young actor and model gained fame after the Netflix movie called “Tall girl” where he is the lead character. Eisner’s net worth was rapidly increasing after starring in the Netflix movie and as of 2019 his net worth is six hundred thousand dollars. 


Eisner has an Instagram account since 2015. On his page he posts photos from his photoshoots as a model, ordinary selfies, photos with his girlfriend. Also Luke likes to share posts with his white cat Milk. Eisner also plays on guitar, piano and sings, he shares his pics and videos on Instagram too.


Young actor and model describes himself as a private person. However, we know about his relationship with Kirby Johnson. As Luke mentioned under one of his Instagram posts Kirby stood beside him in the darkest time- when Eisner’s father died…


When Luke has free time he likes to ride horses and read books. His favorite book is “Time Traveler’s wife” a novel written by Audrey Niffenegger. Also he is a big Harry Potter fan who hasn’t read all of the books.


Fun Fact: Luke’s favorite animal is fish as he is a scuba diver and has an ”addiction” to diving.

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