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In the not far away past, specifically in 2015, there was a social media platform called You probably didn’t hear back then about that, but for sure you use that app every day ( now it’s called TikTok ). So those who knew back then will recognize Loren Gray. She was the most famous person with the most followers.


Loren Gray was born in a small town called Pottstown, Pennsylvania on April 19, 2002. Her mother’s name is Lora, she lives with Loren in California.  There is less known about her father,only that he stayed in Pennsylvania with their other daughter. When you look at the photos of Loren with her mother, you’ll see that they look alike. As of July 2021,  Loren has more than 53M followers on TikTok, 21.8M on Instagram, and 3.8M on YouTube.


On Instagram she mainly posts herself posing in front of different landscapes. On TikTok she makes funny videos, sometimes videos where she just talks, and also cute videos with her boyfriend. YouTube is a platform where she shows her daily routines, skincare tutorials, etc. 


It’s important to mention that she has another job aside from social media. In 2018 she signed a record deal with Virgin Records. After signing a deal in March, she released her first song “My Story” in August, which was about one of her friends who kept falling in love with the wrong people. Consequently, in November “Kick You Out” was released. Billboard described it as showing “the true highs and lows that come from being in love”.


After releasing 4 songs with Virgin Records and also Capitol Records she departed from labels and became an independent artist. Therefore, on July 9th she published her new single “Piece of Work”. On December 3th 2020, she launched her own jewelry brand “&always”. 


Facts about Loran Grey: she is a big fan of Eminem and Justin Bieber, her favourite colors are pink, purple, and orange, the movie “The Notebook” is her all-time favorite featuring Ryan Gosling. Also, she is a very religious person and loves traveling.


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