Loki + Bear + Momo

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Meet this wonderful family of dogs Loki, Bear, and Momo. Their joint Instagram account lokistagram has 700 thousand followers and their Facebook account, which is called Loki & Friends, has 890 thousand followers. Two of the dogs also lived with their very good friend Ham Ham the Hamster. The owners foster many dogs so it is certainly never boring in the house. 


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Loki was the first to enter Tim and Viv’s lives. This corgi quickly became famous because of his very expressive eyes. He was born in Oklahoma and when he was a few months old Tim and Viv adopted and brought him to Vancouver. It’s not a coincidence that this breed is the British royal family’s favorite. Despite being small, he was strong and had a big personality. Unfortunately, in September 2016 Loki’s owners shared some bad news. Due to his chronic kidney disease, Loki was sent to an emergency room. The treatment was expensive, that’s why they set up a GoFundMe for people to donate to cover the medical bills. The fans exceeded the goal by raising $33,000 instead of $15,000. But Loki didn’t make it. A few days later Tim and Viv informed everyone that Loki was in a better place and that he will be greatly missed.


After Loki was gone, in 2017 Tim and Viv wanted to adopt another dog to help them get through dark times. Luckily, Bear was the perfect dog for it. He had been rehomed once and needed a loving family. Bear reminded them of the joy of adopting and fostering dogs, and in their turn, Tim and Viv gave him the welcoming family he needed. It is not known the day Bear was born therefore Tim and Viv celebrate his birthday the day he was adopted. He is a big dog but not scary at all. He is friendly with everyone and every animal including the hamster he lived with. Ham Ham the Hamster was missing his old friend Loki too and when Bear came along he filled the empty space. But because of old age, the hamster left her family as well.


Tim and Viv have fostered 4 dogs before meeting Momo. He was abused by his former owner and was found in the streets when he was rescued. Momo was malnourished and couldn’t walk properly. But after taking good care of him, he is now healthy and is feeling better than ever. He was adopted into the family after being fostered for a month. The fans have been asking about his breed and after some research, the owners assume that he is some sort of Havanese mix. But they are not entirely sure. 


Tim and Viv still miss Loki every day but are grateful to now have Bear, Momo, and the foster dogs in their lives. They do everything in their power to make sure every dog is comfortable and is living its best life. As the saying goes “Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in our heart”.

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