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Can a cat be raised by a group of dogs? The answer is no, right? That’s what we all believe. But the story that ties with this question has an entirely different ending which you’ll love to hear about and know for sure! It was in 2016 when three sisters found out about one kitten who needed their help. They saved her from certain death and brought her home as soon as possible. And oh boy! What would happen next will leave you surprised yet satisfied. That was the beginning of a truly extraordinary friendship between beautiful creatures.


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The kitten was visibly malnourished and abused, but with time and proper veterinary care, it improved. The three sisters decided to name the cat Rosie as a new start for their friend’s future life. However, the first few days were not easy since Rosie did not want to eat at all!


But then one of the sisters had a brilliant idea to introduce shy Rosie to her husky named Lilo! And in the twinkling of an eye,the timid little kitty started smacking those chops all over that fuzz ball’s body – and as soon as they finally realized what was going on, you could see this sparkle come into her eyes. They slept next to each other for hours, with Lilo never letting go of her new buddy for even a second when she finally drank her first drop of water after several long hours.


It is known that cats are often very reluctant to behave towards their owners, not to mention dogs. But Rosie was waiting for a truly unique fate for her species.


The friendship that began slowly was unique, and the three sisters thought it was time to introduce Rosie, their new cat, to Lilo’s gang: Infinity and Miko, two huskies who were cousins. To their amazement, the sisters couldn’t believe their eyes: it seemed like Rosie was slowly adjusting to the behavior of her three new husky friends!


Indeed the first time the tree huskies met Rosie overturned everything we knew about the temperament of cats. Cats are so hard to wrangle; they’re always running off. Yet that didn’t happen this time.


Rosie has been living in her new home for a while now, and she’s really come out of her shell. It seems that Rosie bonded with Lilo, Miko, and Infinity during their first meeting since they’re all such lovely dogs!  Rosie learned to live surrounded by three huskies. The bond between them is undeniable. Who would ever think about how an abandoned cat could develop such behavior towards dogs if we didn’t see it firsthand?


After a while, one of the sisters, Thao Bui, started sharing lovely pictures of the gang on social media, which slowly gained attention. Nowadays, over 400 thousand users follow the adventures of “Lilo,” “Infinity,” and “Rosie.” Their owner also provides heartwarming moments with YouTube videos.


The story of the kitten Rosie teaches us that in nature, there are not always predetermined behaviors: sometimes, the instinct to survive and adapt overcomes everything!

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