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Dieting and simply eating healthy are completely different. You can still eat whatever you want, you just gotta be mindful of what goes into your body. Seriously. Ask Leto – a healthy lifestyle enthusiast and positive-minded practitioner. 


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Leto is a happy mom of 4, and one of the popular mommy bloggers out there. She’s enjoying her happy life in Miami in an ohana state of mind. It is a Hawaiian concept that basically means family whether it’s blood-related, adoptive or intentional. Leto is very family-oriented and makes sure she does what she can to keep her family’s bodies and spirits healthy.

She shares the happiest moments of her family with her followers and propagates a healthy lifestyle. “Eat healthy, sleep well, breathe deeply and enjoy life” is Leto’s slogan on her personal blog – this pretty much sums it all up for the squad. 

The Mom blogger and influencer enjoys sharing her passion for food and all sorts of opportunities and possibilities healthy eating can open up. Being healthy is far more significant than it is made to be, and it’s so much bigger than simply food. However, food is a great place to start the healthy body, healthy mind journey.

Leto loves to discover new, creative and fun ways to eat healthy, be healthy and stay healthy. Momma blogger hopes that by sharing her habits and experiences, she will inspire and help others, whether they wanna switch to a plant-based diet or simply eat healthier.

As she shares in her blog, one of her biggest goals if not the biggest is to be able to guide people who wish to understand food, discover different ways of eating, understand their body and figure out what the habits and food choices that will work best for every person.

To the question “how are you so happy all the time?” Leto responds by saying that it is all about attitude and perspective. You have to change the way you look at things. Everything has a solution. And when things go wrong, she shares how she tries to never get frustrated or remain sad. Instead she learns from it and moves on with life because it is too amazing to let it just pass by you. Another thing she does that truly makes a difference is that before sleep she recalls all the good and positive things in her life, which in turn puts her in a positive mindset. As a result she ends up having pleasant dreams and wakes up feeling refreshed because she knows that she slept like a baby and now it’s time to live life to the fullest. You do this once. You do this twice. Once you’ve done it 21 days in a row it officially becomes a habit that will in turn become a lifestyle. 

Her entire family is vegan, and she usually shares tips about feeding babies plant-based food. If you have trouble with baby food or other parts of motherhood—follow Leto for her vast experience and motivational spirit.

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