Lele Pons


Lele burst onto the social media scene when the app Vine was all the rage. In fact, tons of people gained fame through that app. Short six-second videos would play on a loop, and the content was primarily comedic in nature.


Lele Pons was also making comedy videos on the platform, and as they say, the rest is history. From thereon, Lele slowly moved on to YouTube and started creating content for her channel on there. A ton of other Vine artists did that as the “loop video app” shut down after a while. 


The YouTuber started posting content to her channel back in May 2016 and has continued doing so to date. However, such hard work and consistency do not come without a price to pay. 


During the pandemic, Lele Pons made a YouTube Originals series titled “The Secret Life of Lele Pons.” The series comprises Lele opening up to her fans about her mental health and how much she has struggled with it throughout the Covid-19 lockdown. 


In her first episode, she admits that she struggles with severe OCD and depression. And she is very forthcoming about her other such vulnerabilities. She shares that she has been struggling with this situation for a long time now. According to Lele, her fans don’t even realize that she has disappeared because she has so much content accumulated to release. 


Lele adds by saying that when her condition gets really out of control, she visits treatment facilities to distance herself from things that might trigger her. On further questioning, Pons added that her OCD puts fears in her that if she doesn’t make a certain number of videos a day, her YouTube channel will be deleted. It’s difficult for her to fight these demons because she genuinely believes in these fears. 


She continued by sharing that people praise her for being so hard-working, whereas she knows that her compulsiveness has a lot to do with her OCD as well. Pons admits that she is a work in progress and indeed has come a long way with her treatments. 


Lele Pons rose to fame on the now-dysfunctioning app Vine and then transitioned over to YouTube. She is a prevalent social media personality with 17.7 Million subscribers on YouTube and a whopping 45.4 Million followers on her Instagram account. 


In recent years Lele has broadened her horizons by professionally recording a couple of songs. Moreover, she has even collaborated on music with the famous band Black Eyed Peas and rapper Saweetie. Therefore, she is on her way to becoming a renowned singer.


Upon digging for personal details, it seems like Lele is dating rapper Guayana since 2020. Lele has posted tons of pictures to her Instagram, professing their love for each other. And on the family front, Lele is an only child and was born in Venezuela on June 25, 1996. She moved to Miami, Florida, at the age of 5 and lived there till Lele completed high school. Later in 2015, she moved to Los Angeles, California. 


Lele is an impressive entertainer with greatness in store for her. 

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