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You’ve probably heard of the American country singer-songwriter Thomas Rhett. But have you heard of his 31 years old nurse wife? Common… do a quick wiki search on Laura Akins. Her Instagram page clearly shows the love that she has for life itself and it’s simply inspiring. Thomas – ma man – we get you. Their love story actually goes way back. Thomas Rhett and Laura Akins actually went to first grade together. How crazy is that? They became friends in sixth grade and actually dated for a couple of months in high school. And even though the teens broke up, they remained great friends.


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The story of how they got back together and made it official is actually pretty cute. Apparently after graduating they each went in separate paths to different colleges. Lauren and Thomas were actually both in serious relationships, and if it wouldn’t be for Lauren’s Dad… they might have never gotten back together. So this is what went down. Mr. Akins straight up calls Thomas and says something along the lines of.. If you won’t let her know how you feel, then I will. *insert the crying girl gif from Ben Higgins’ season of the Bachelor*

Six months after that Thomas proposes to Lauren Akins in her favorite restaurant under Frank Sinatra’s “The Way You Look Tonight”. And on October 12 of 2012, the cute couple got married. Their beautiful love story was not only the beginning of a loving relationship but also what inspired Thomas to write a song that launched him into the country music super-stardom. The song came out in 2015 and was called “Die a Happy Man”. It’s all about lovey-dovey reasons why he loves Lauren, who is actually starring in the music video. They look very sweet together. “Die a Happy Man” is not the country singer’s only music video with Laura Akins. She is actually considered to be one of the most featured music video wives of all time. Pretty cool huh?

Laura Akins has collaborated with different accessory lines in order to benefit various charitable organizations. She specifically often works with 147 Million Orphans. It is an organization that provides medicine, food, water, and shelter to the people of the countries in need. Laura has traveled quite a while from Haiti all the way to Uganda and Kenya, in a journey of trying to do what she can to make the kids’ lives around the world better. 

Her contribution to the development of those kids’ lives and love for all humans does not stop on a global scale. She took it to a personal level. Laura and Thomas adopted a baby girl Wila Gray from Uganda in 2017. And in the same year, they welcomed Ada James (biological daughter) into the family. 

In February of 2020, Thomas Rhett and Laura Akins welcomed yet another sweetheart to the family – Lennon Love. Gorgeous name, isn’t it? In August of 2020, Laura’s book Live in Love was published. It’s a memoir where the influencer reveals a lot of the things she has not shared or talked about before. The book centers about love, growth and life changes. Everything Laura is about. If you don’t wanna check out the book, at least check out Laura’s cute doggies – Kona and Cash.

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