Kylie Jenner


Everything started from the reality show “Keeping up with the Kardashians”. All the Kardashians rapidly started to become famous  and one of their family members was Kylie Jenner.  She was the youngest sibling but now she is the most famous in the social media platform.


Kylie Jenner is not only a social media star but also a businesswoman. She has her own cosmetics called “Kylie cosmetics and Kylie skin”.  The revenue of Kylie cosmetics is more than 200$ million dollars.  And now due to her cosmetics Kylie is a millionaire. In her bank account the purchase is 700$ dollar.


Every girl wants to be like Kylie . She is beautiful and kind. And a lot of celebrities were her past boyfriends.  In November 2019, it was reported that Kylie and Drake are dating,  and all these rumors have become real because at Drake’s 33rd birthday party they were together. The other celebrity that was Kylie’s ex was Tyga. On Kylie’s 18th birthday, Tyga gifted her a $320,000 Ferrari, and the couple even got tattoos in honor of each other. Tyga inked Kylie’s name on his arm, while Jenner got a small ‘t’ tattoo on her  ankle, which she later had covered up.


Facts: There was a trend on  social media that everyone wanted to become like Kylie . And her fans were so obsessed with her lips that they created an online competition “The online Kylie Jenner challenge”. The fans put their lips inside a gloss or bottle and sucked out the air from the bottle and as a result their lips became bigger. However, sometimes swollen and painful bruised.


Kylie’s partner now is an american rapper Travis Scott. They have a little baby girl.

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